Fighters that have gone M.i.a.

Was searching through threads and started thinking bout some old nhb me wondering what happened to these guys from the nhb days and even recent times

There have been quite a few fighters over the years who showed promise or were quite popular that just disappear and are rarely, if ever, heard from again....

Just a few to start with

Demico Rogers from tuf 10 comes to mind

Igor zinoviev

Andy Anderson

Freek hamaker

Anyone else have info, updates or curious about a current fighters whereabouts please share..... Maybe we can solve some mysteries Phone Post 3.0

Kimo Phone Post

DragonDidn'tDrinkEnoughPee - Kimo Phone Post

Rip Phone Post

Karimula Barkalaeva

Jason thatcher Phone Post 3.0

Maya Phone Post

I thought this was another Arona thread. Phone Post 3.0

Karimula Barkalaev was a weird one. Is he still alive?

Whatever happened to goran reljic?

Yeah demico have Schaumburg trouble. Also, jon madsen. Trained with lesnar and lost once in the UFC and has gone MIA.

Nick gaston

Tyler east Phone Post 3.0

Ricardo Arona Phone Post 3.0

Benji radach Phone Post

i remember seeing a young heavy set dude who showed alot of promise like 3-4 years ago.....Chris Barnett...

JTG Phone Post

All of the above mentioned are now used car salesmen.

Luke Cummo Phone Post 3.0

Dan Hardy

Roger Huerta Phone Post 3.0

Jon Madsen Phone Post 3.0

Cole Konrad

din Thomas

Yves Edwards