fighters that step up

Besides wand , what other fighters always step up and fight no matter what. I cant think of two many fighters that would fight mark hunt on 5 days notice..

jeremy horn maybe

anyone from dave strasser's academy, aguilar took a fight with yves on something like three days notice

there's rumours that silva didnt train as hard ,because he was fighting sak again . I highly doubt he will be in as good as shape for hunt , as he was for jackson.

The guy Olaf fought at I think it was WEC 7 or 8 took the fight the day of.It was a war so major props to that guy.

The thing that impresses me about Silva stepping up is that he is doing so when he is at the top of the division already (in Pride).

There are lots of guys trying to make a name for themselves, or trying to break their way into the bigger paydays who will step up and that is definitely admirable...but Silva is already there and has a lot to lose, so for me that is really cool to see.

Chuck, Tank, Ken Shamrock

thats a great point ryan j.

I bet couture would fight anyone under short notice.

Thank you Nacho.I have yet to see this fight and have heard only good things about it.I have to get that DVD for that fight alone.It is a canidate for fight of the year I have been told.