fighters too technical bad for the sport?

back in the day, when guys weren't highly skilled in all positions, things seemed to be much more interesting.

now, everyone is, for the most part, well rounded and very technical (at the high levels).

i, for one, would like to see the trend reversed, and more specialization.  as it leads to more interesting fights

ttt for Phil Baroni

 Bad for balls-to-the-wall entertainment perhaps, but bad for the sport? No.

People need to relax anyways, these things swing like a pendulum. As skill continues to increase to defend against high-level ability, skills will continue to develop that figure out chinks in that newfound armor.

Technical development is a good thing - how many crazy KOs did we see last year alone? How many fights were worthy of being fight of the year contenders that blended high-level offense with cardio and technical ability? How many wild ass submissions like twisters in the UFC, reverse triangles, shit like that and against skilled opposition no less?

I admit, I've not been following the sport long enough to speak on how exciting it allegedly once was, but I still think it's pretty damn exciting. Sure there are some clunkers, but wasn't there always?

Just my opinion though, take it for what it's worth - a TUF noob's.

Watching a technical fighter who is a bad ass aggressive MoFO is FIGHT PORN! IMO

Technical and aggressive is a beautiful thing to watch Phone Post

IMO its come full circle...

at the begining guys were one dimensional, but they fought like it was life or death...there was no decision... YOU WON ... Period!

Then rules and money came in and the really good guys came in and made statements

now the sport has turned into a circus, BIG money is involved it its become a money making "entertainment" investment not a sport

So now every joker looking for a paycheck and C level celebrity status wants to be a UFC fighter
And since real skill is the last thing Dana and crew care about... theyll throw anyone who will act the fool and sell a ticket in there to make bank

Case and point, See how fast they throw Roger to the wolves and try to bank on his name rather ten bring him up like they'd do with any other 4-1 prospect

Ttt Phone Post