Fighters vs Water Bottles GIFs

Lol! Phone Post 3.0

That Bisping one is hilarious. I laughed so hard when it happened. Someone needs to add the Pretty Tony and Sergio one.

Taz Styles -

Bisping one is my favorite hahaha I died when I saw that live Phone Post

Lol at Swanson one Phone Post 3.0

In for laughs Phone Post 3.0

Need the one where the corner man gives the fighter his water bottle, unopened, and then proceeds to check his phone. Phone Post

HandyDarsh - In for laughs Phone Post 3.0
Me 3 Phone Post 3.0

In for more Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

When did Bisping do that? Phone Post 3.0

Delorian - When did Bisping do that? Phone Post 3.0

The Vitor fight I think, not completely sure though. Phone Post

dehydrated bisping this one needs to be embedded. Rogan goes to take it then pretends he was just fixing his hair. Then Lorenzo and some other guy both lunge for it, then out of nowhere a big bald guy has seen what's happening and bursts forth to claims it.

Anyone have the Rickson water bottle gif?

ManWithTheIronFists -

Blue name please

lol @ the GSP one. Is that Lorenzo walking by being offered some nice refreshing water from a freshly opened bottle only to be denied for the the cut man?

Subbing the watery greatness Phone Post 3.0

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Lol Phone Post

Taz Styles - 
ManWithTheIronFists -

Blue name please

good sportsmanship here