Fighters Wanted Dec 5th Western New York

 Who wants to be on this card?

Both Pro & Am.

Send info to They have the majority of the fighters from NY.

If I can't fight you on this card , at least have me reff it!!


 maybe Mark can make history as the first ref in the world to fight in the bout he's reffing!

you have mail

 still looking for non- chickenoutable guys and gals.

yes, i said non-chickenoutable.

Do you have any Pro 155 spots? I will send an email if so, Looking for someone thats wants to fight not just lay and pray. I can send links to my rec. This site does not have all my fights. There are some European and japan sites that have it more correct.

What kind of fight?

"Snake, Are You Ready..? Mark Am I Ready..? Come On, Let Me Get It On" "I did not tap!!! Yes I did, I saw me tap. No me did not see me tap!" "Dammit, I just stopped me too early."" Me will thank me later because Snake had me in an Annaconda Choke & me was going out fast." Me still can't believe me stopped me fight. "..............."Me must be a chicken"

 Is this on a reservation?