Halloween Throwdown (aka T.I.T) was a success. The crowd was awesome, the fights were excellent and the bitches were bumpin.

So lets do it again!

We're looking for guys that are within driving distance.

If you are interested in fighting on our January show, e-mail me a

Mike Dexter and Jay White will be fighting for ECFA's first ever Heavyweight title.

The event will be held at the same location: The Roseland Ballroom in Taunton Massachusetts on Saturday January 29.

I think we're gonna call it ATOMIC SNOW STORM.
(you'll figure it out)

Rumor has it that the snow bunnies have their outfits all picked out. Let's just hope their not all pregnant by then...ahem...bobbydias..ahem...ahem

ttt's appreciated. lit

by then I should be doing the baghdad shuffle, best of luck guys.

ttt for a great show!


Mike can you use a 140 pounder ?


Call me I may have a couple more guys to fight...
Joe Cav

Get Ciotoli on your card.

Michelle, is the 140 lbr you?

Hey Littlefield email me ASAP!!!!





Hi Mike

I have not been 140 in quite a while. I'm over 160 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal lmao I have a few guys that I'll send back if we can work something out.





I had a fighter that would have been ready by then, but he just destroyed his ankle playing college rugby. DOH!!!

Hey Mike interested in putting a Thai Fight on the card?

Guys and Gals,

He specifically states to email him if you are interested in fighting on his card. Best of luck with the event Mike. If I am not fighting on the February AFC card I would love to come back up there.

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