Fighters wanted Minnesota and area

Fighters wanted Minnesota and the 5 state area!!!!!!!!

We are looking for fighters for 2 events in Minnesota –
Combat Sports presents – Battle at the Barn March 6th in Rochester, Minnesota and
International Cage Combat presents "ICC Trials" March 12th at Spiker's in Fridley Minnesota.

There will be some tournaments and an opportunity to secure a spot on two bigger shows coming up this spring.

Both shows will be in a 28x28 foot HUGE cage.

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Thanks Mike

lol at BSF

Reilly, You know we are always interested.

Mike, did you ever get my email? Haven't heard back
so wondering if it got through to you.



Sorry Fred - I must have missed it.
I will be in touch soon

Will Tyson be on hand to sign Autographs?

TTT for Reilly


you have mail!!!


Mike are you working with Brad again?


"Mike are you working with Brad again?"
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - ohhh that is a good one HAHAHAHAHHA


This will be an ICC Trials show - Remember we were talking about doing some smaller shows - now that we have a few things gathering some heat - we decided to do some local shows.

Any show is better than no show.

Will this be pro or am?

or both?

Who's fighting?

Is Dan still involved?

What about the Kohler / Dease fight

Not trying to stir things up (much) just want the scoop

Good Luck Mike



Is the Barn Battle part of the ICC?

Also are the rumors true about having ICC in the Metrodome?

Good call Maccabee, Chris Fontaine would be a great addition to ICC trials, or Battle of the Barn.

Hello – to answer some questions:
The shows will feature both pro and am fighters – However we are really trying to avoid the out of the crowd guys or the sign up the day of sort of affairs. We are sticking to guys that bring some level of skill and athleticism to the event. We are also doing our best to make sure fighters know their opponents well a head of time.

As for who is fighting – I'm hoping to have all the match ups decided for Rochester by early Feb; Fridley a week after that.. I'm not going to announce anyone until I have contracts signed and every thing in place. Things always things that come up and disrupt cards at the last minute – But I will make sure my part is complete and well done before announcing names. I will say I'm pretty excited about some of the match ups I'm putting together

"Is Dan still involved?" Yes – very much so. The fight in Rochester is a show I'm doing with Jamie Klair who did a great show in Red Wing a while back. I was really impressed with how he over came problems that endangered the show and how he treated the fighters. Dan will be involved to some degree. The ICC Trials show is Dan's show.

"What about the Kohler / Dease fight" HA!

The Metrodome? Nothing I have heard of. I really don't see it – We had 4,000 people at TC and the place felt empty – you could have 3 times that number at the dome and it would feel like a tomb. Also I'm of the opinion that the local market needs a little healing before a big show is going to score well. But now that you mention it - maybe it is something we could look into.