Fighters, what would you like offered in Giveaway?

You may, or may not, know that I have free giveaway contests. So far I've given gear away, i.e., boxing gloves, and fight shorts.

What else would you like to see offered in upcoming giveaways?

dude whipes


Good mouth pieces suck to buy and I've managed to lose 3 post fight. So I'm gonna go with mouth pieces. Phone Post 3.0

Thank you. Any specific types of mouth pieces or brands?

Gloves, rash guards Phone Post 3.0

I agree with Eakin, gloves and rash guards, since you can never have too many rash guards and a nice set of extra gloves really help when you are hitting morning and night practices and you want to give the morning set enough time to dry and air out.

What brand and weight (oz) for gloves?

What brand of rashguards?

For rashguards id say fuji or contract killer since they are both quality brands but throw in a little extra flair as far as the design and for gloves 16oz twins are great and the old school lace up everlast are also solid well made gloves

Awesome. I want to offer stuff that focuses on the needs of fighters, both amateur and pro. So specific info, exactly like what you gave, is really helpful. Thank you. :)

What about gear bags, products like The Training Mask, etc.? Would you guys be interested in stuff like that or just stick to gear and clothing like rashguards?

Gear bags are nice but generally at the bottom of my list when I have the cash to spend on any gear, hell I've had the same one for the last two years and it's starting to fall apart BUT as long as it still hold my gear I won't spend the money to replace it. I personally don't have any experience with the training mask but I imagine winning one would be nice since it's hard to justify spending money on something you might like as opposed to spending money on things that you know you need like gloves, new mouthpiece, etc. stroops has a product that I got to try a few times it's the Python Stryker, great great great product as it helps keep you stand up clean and crisp but for over $100 it becomes a luxery not a necessity.

Ah, I see. That makes sense. That Python Stryker seems pretty interesting. I'm willing to offer higher priced items like that if it's something that fighters want.

I'm even thinking about offering tickets to workshops/seminars held by some of the top trainers. The issue with that though becomes location, since a lot of people won't actually be near the location where the seminar is held. I'm gonna look into that further though. 

That sounds like an awesome idea. Appreciate you thinking about us Phone Post 3.0

time traveling 12er - dude whipes


Funny that you should mention that, haha.

I'm putting together an expert roundup where I ask sponsors what fighters can do to get their (the sponsors') attention. One of the sponsors I've talked to is Dude Wipes.

Chris, the UG COO, has agreed to feature the article as a guest post here on the UG. So be on the look out for it!

Stephen Eakin - That sounds like an awesome idea. Appreciate you thinking about us Phone Post 3.0

Absolutely my pleasure. :)

The shock doctor gel nano mouth pieces are pretty good. Basically any of those shock doctor mouth pieces actually. Phone Post 3.0

Great! Thank you for your feedback, Jesse. :)

Lots of great info in this thread which I'll be putting to use.

In the meantime, I have a new giveaway that just started. I'm giving away Top King boxing gloves.


The Top King giveaway is done but still looking for more ideas for future giveaways.

Damn wish I would've seen that earlier, I need some new boxing gloves mine are falling apart! Lol Phone Post 3.0