Fighters who got their REVENGE ! ! ! ! !

Name the biggest revenge matches of all time where the loser of the first fight DOMINATED AND GOT REVENGE!!!

Minotauro Nogueira over Dan Henderson

Roy Jones Jr over Montell Griffin (this tops the list)

Andy Hug over Patrick Smith (Named a whole K-1 event 'revenge' for this fight)

Lennox Lewis over Hasim Rahman

Lennox Lewis over Oliver McCall

Quinton Jackson over Marvin Eastman (always like revenge matches from early losses in one's career)

Quinton Jackson over Wanderlei Silva...

 gsp over hughes and fluke serra

Nick Diaz over Jeremy Jackson

Chuck Liddell over Randy Couture


chuck/randy i guess for that matter

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and ive come back from the future to drop this nugget on ya...





Great ones by the way....

GSP / Serra is perfect and so is Hughes / Penn.

fedor vs kohsaka

Tito vs Guy

Quinton's rematch over Marvin was nice, because it was sooo damned early in his career. The rematch over Silva was kind of sad, almost everyone could forsee how that would go.


 Wanderlei that is

Frank / Lober = The Win...

Frank's MMA debut he lost and then he went onto win the UFC MW championship and even defend it against Lober (who was a real prick)

Royce / Yoshida = FAIL. That was a draw. Plus he couldn't even finish Yoshida. Plus he didn't really lose the first match, it was NC.