Fighters who got their REVENGE ! ! ! ! !

subwrassler - Nick Diaz over Jeremy Jackson

"I'm going to the UFC, motherfucker, not you!"--Nick Diaz, during his second fight with Jeremy Jackson

Of course, they ended up fighting each other in their UFC debuts, but at the time Nick said that, it seemed like it was the case.

 FRATE TRANE over whatshisname.

Barnett over Rizzo

Lesnar mir

I kinda see Jackson's win over Wand as that he just got old and got beaten by the younger fighter. In thier prime Wand would always win.

my favorites:

fabiano iha over laverne clark after controversial cut stoppage where iha had clark tapping to a heelhook while squirting blood from his head.

Saku coming back to armbar conan after controversial stoppage in ufc.

honorary but: how about Fred Fackin' Ettish coming back at 47 to quiet all the hate he had for the past decade and a half.

skinnywussy - Royce/Saku


lol at roids

 Gary Goodridge vs. Don Frye.

wtf is up with the japanese girls they have crying while commentating and the one that kept bawling in the crowd. stupid shit.

How about Sak vs Conan...He diddnt have to wait long for revenge

thanks for the video. I forgot how vicious Fedor's GnP is. We hardly get to see it anymore.