Fighters who have boxed pro

I was looking at and looking up the names of guys who claimed to have done some pro boxing.

Some guys are there. Others aren't.

For example they have Don Frye as 0-1.

He got KOd by David Kilgour in the 4th round on 12-11-90 in Reseda, California.

His opponent was 7-1 at the time and is now 11-6.

Phil Baroni isn't listed at all.

Who are some more guys that have claimed to have boxed professionally?

By the way, I'm not trying to say anything bad about Baroni.

Just that his name isn't on that site.

He's 4-2.

Lost his last two.

Laverne Clark


Clark is 14-17.

He lost 10 of his last 12.

Jens Pulver isn't listed.

Chris Lytle is 8-1-1 with 6 KOs.

Ranked 140th in the world.

Michael Burnett won a four round decision on 8-4-00 in Oklahoma.

Is this Mikey?



Pulver still hasn't had an official pro boxing match, to my knowledge. He did an exhibition recently.


Art Jimmerson was 30-5 when he fought Royce.

He had won his last 16 fights.

After being humiliated by Royce, he went 4-12 before finally retiring about a year ago.

Oleg TKOd 250 pound Hank Hill(the propane guy?) in the second round in Atlantic City in 97. is a great site. You can see listings for Maurice Smith (0-2), Jerome Le Banner (2-0), Mark Hunt (0-1), Matt Horning (0-4, I think that's incomplete), Erin Toughill (4-1-1), and Tony Danza (9-3).

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Chris Lytle does some pro boxing, I believe.

Well done. I believe you're correct.

Wasn't Oleg part of that Martial Atrs Boxing show?


I've never heard that Militech did any pro boxing, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Pulver was set to make his pro debut recently but there were problems in the set up and it got changed to an exhibition.

I'm pretty sure Baroni hasn't boxed pro. He did Toughman, which doesn't allow anyone with pro boxing experience.


I am 1-5(1) but that's not much different! LOL

Boxing is a different game. If you want to do it, take at least a year to get ready, like I say it's different.