Fighters who have wrote a book?

Just looking for some reading material. Phone Post 3.0

Chris lytle has a childrens book coming out

Hughes has a rather interesting and entertaining book, its had its cliff notes posted on here in a huge thread a while back, same for bj Penn

I know forest wrote a couple, and i remember the first one got pretty good reviews Phone Post 3.0

Liked both Chuck Liddell's and Tito's books. Both of Forrest's books were good too. BJ Penn and Jens Pulver also had decent ones Phone Post 3.0

Read Forrest's 'Got Fight' and it was good.

If you've never read Bruce Lee's 'Tao of Jeet Kune Do' that is a must read. Phone Post 3.0

Tank Abbott.

Matt hughes book is a real heartwarming tale of respect towards family, females and opponent's Phone Post 3.0

Ive read a lot.

Matt Hughes came off as a cunt in his

GSP's was great

Chuck's was great

Chael's was great

Tyson's was the best ive read. Phone Post 3.0

GSPs was awesome Phone Post 3.0

Chucks was good
Randy's was okay
Chaels was fantastic as was Forrest's first.
Brian Stanns is a must read Phone Post 3.0

Have written Phone Post 3.0

There's only one worth reading, Tank's.

Got fight by Forrest Griffin is really funny
Bj penns book is great especially if your a Bj Penn fan and remember all the fights he talks about same for Chucks book.
A fighters heart and a fighters mind by Sam Sheridan are amazing reads
Also look up Falling Down my journey in Judo it's a really great judo book Phone Post 3.0

written Phone Post 3.0

Greg Jackson has a book titled "How to Stall and Win Decisions".

It's good for night time reading. Phone Post 3.0

the majority of MMA books that I have read have been attrocious.

Ortiz, Liddell, Couture's books were all painfully bad.