Fighters who miss weight more than once should be fined 80% of their purse

37-0. What a professional athlete. Even if he had missed 1 time in there, would anyone really blame him? 36-1 would be excellent. Everyone is allowed 1 misstep, whether it’s a miscalculation, some crazy outside circumstance that really wasn’t in their control, etc. But he didn’t even do that. He put in the work and made the contracted weight every single time he agreed to do so.

What excuse is there for habitual weight missers? You miss 2, 3, 4 times? That’s not a miscalculation or freak occurrence. You’re simply not doing your job. There are 2 or 3 times a year when your body has to weigh a certain amount, and you can’t do it? I can tell you right now, in October, “Your body must weigh 170 lbs in the middle of March”, and somehow you, a professional athlete, aren’t able to do it? Of course you are. You are choosing not to.

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You spelled fired wrong

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& moved up a weight class and we agree.

Weight should be done at night of fight

And an average of 10± should be allowed a few weeks leading up and no more otherwise a fine

Melvin Guillard has missed weight 7 times.

I think people who take last minute fights shouldn’t be punished as badly.

I think that guys that miss weight by a lot shouldn’t get to win either, only NC if they win, a loss will be a loss on their record