Fighters who never lived up to the hype?

Who in your eyes never matched the potential they were suppose to have I got

Brandon Vera
Brett Rogers
Thiago Silva
Too name a few Phone Post 3.0

Brock Lesnar Phone Post 3.0

Edson Barboza.... Erik Silva Phone Post 3.0

sokoudjou Phone Post 3.0

Phillip Nover Phone Post 3.0

Galanis -

Justin Lawrence


He's winning fights in RFA I think and training with Cruz now so hopefully he comes back. Phone Post 3.0

Grispi Phone Post 3.0

CruJones - sokoudjou Phone Post 3.0

KOing two top 5 fighters back-to-back. This is a great example.

Kimbo Slice Phone Post 3.0

gum989 -
Floyd'sPeople - Edson Barboza.... Erik Silva Phone Post 3.0

Way too early.
Erick Silva is 30. He is older than most champs. Phone Post 3.0

Brock Lesnar
James MMA lol
Shawn O'Sullivan ....Canadian Olympic Boxer
Tito vs Randy
Alexis Davis
and of course Kimbo!
Just to name a few, but they could all kick my ass!

Harold Howard. Phone Post 3.0

Soukoujou and UFC Wand

Mark Kerr could have been one of the best of all time. Could have.

MexiCain AmeriCain - Phillip Nover Phone Post 3.0

He went from "fainting Phillip" to the "next GSP" to being a full time nurse & quitting mma.

I'm going to get in early and say "Khabib".

Wow. No mention of these two. Dunham and Oliver's. Those guys had mma hardcore's saying these two are future champs. Especially Dunham after the sherk fight Phone Post 3.0

I have no idea how Brock lesnar is mentioned in this thread twice already. Phone Post 3.0

Todd Duffee looked like an animal in his debut in UFC and fizzled. Phillip Miller was not real exciting but never went anywhere and retired undefeated.

orcus - I'm going to get in early and say "Khabib".
He's a top 5 light weight. He has already warranted and earned all his hype. Not Becoming champ wouldn't mean he didn't live up to the hype. Phone Post 3.0