Fighters who never lived up to the hype?

chadp -
Aaron Becker -
Arlovskis Chin - I have no idea how Brock lesnar is mentioned in this thread twice already. Phone Post 3.0
According to his athleticism and credentials he should still be the hwt champ Phone Post 3.0
au contraire, he fulfilled his hype very quickly. And big part of his last two performances were his disease. Phone Post 3.0
Kinda forgot about that, I agree Phone Post 3.0

epwar -

Michael Bisping

Mayhem Miller

Jonathan Brookins

Jake Shields


Remember the hype for Shields pre-GSP! Phone Post 3.0

Roger Huerta Phone Post 3.0

Steve Perry - Dave Terrell
Renato Verrisimo (sp)
Can't believe this David Terrell thread made it to page 2 before David Terrell was mentioned Phone Post 3.0

Kit Cope Phone Post 3.0


you could make an arguement for BJ Penn.

even though he is one of my favorite fighters I dont think he came close to his apex


I don't think you can make that argument at all. BJ Penn most definitely lived up to the hype. If anything, you could make an argument that he never truly reached his maximum potential. But to say a two division champ never lived up to the hype is just ludicrous. Phone Post 3.0

Allistair Overeem. Phone Post 3.0

KnockoutThoughts - Allistair Overeem. Phone Post 3.0

I was just going through every comment to see if anyone was going to say Alistair. 3 full pages and nobody says Alistair, until yours at the very end.

The Justin Lawrence people are making me sad :( Phone Post 3.0

UFC Reem, UFC Wanderlei

No mention of Houston Alexander? Dude looked like he was gonna be a killer. A lot of people seem to not have a clue what constitutes being successful. People saying Bisping? A top ten Middleweight for how many years? Phone Post 3.0

Jack Skellington - Mark Kerr could have been one of the best of all time. Could have.
That is such a sad story. He is selling cars in Phoenix now I guess Phone Post 3.0

3 pages and no mention of Dave Terrell? Phone Post 3.0

Arlovskis Chin - I have no idea how Brock lesnar is mentioned in this thread twice already. Phone Post 3.0


Dean Lister

Nick diaz Phone Post 3.0

All those dudes back in the day that were like 500-0.

Like that Puerto Rican dude that Frye knocked out in like, 9 seconds Phone Post 3.0

David Terrell Phone Post 3.0

So far Hector Lombard, might change at welterweight...

But at least His paychecks match the hype train he rode to the UFC Phone Post 3.0

Sub good read. Phone Post 3.0