Fighters who would do...

Better in a different weight class. Who are they, and which class?

*rolls eyes*

Brock lesnar at 125

I would pay to see honda in men's HW division

Well cowboy did better at 170, so did Kelvin. Wonder how RDA does.

Here's something out of left field, Brandon Thatch at middleweight. He is a big 170er, and although he hasn't had issues making weight, there are far fewer wrestlers at 185.

big country

Jhay -

big country

Roy Nelson is a great one, he could probably be middleweight.

Cyborg Justino at 155 minimum.

Masvidal is also doing well at WW. You will see more move up.

Diesel67 -

Cyborg Justino at 155 minimum.

In the men's division.

Fedor at 205