Fighters with the most "Finishes" in MMA?

4 categories - Who's got the most:

Overall Finishes:







tyson griffin


john fitch

Fedor has to be up there. 33 fights, 24 finished.


Carwin? Phone Post

Fulton and Horn.

Fitch? Is that a joke? Phone Post

Jermey Horn

87 total wins with 75 finishes

17 by ko and 58 by sub

Finish Rate of 86% for Horn is fantastic.

finishing rate is likely more telling

finishing rate is likely more telling

Florian's got a few.

Evan Tanner had 21 submission wins out of 32 total wins

Thats 61% of his wins coming via submission.

damn I haven't looked at Travis Fulton's stats in a while, he's still pretty active - that's impressive that he's still in the game, Zuffa should bring him back for the hell of it, he's 1-1 in the UFC


Carwin. All of his wins have been finishes. Phone Post

 I found a guy with

15 wins =

1 decison


1DQ win


1 ref stoppage strikes

12 submissions

all 12 subs were different also

86.66666666666667% finish rate

80% submission rate

Subs in chronological order

1. Neck Crank  from bottom of side mount 2-28-1998

2. Jaw Lock from back mount 7-25-1998

3. Guillotine from guard 7-25-1998

4. Rear naked choke 11-21-1998

5. Wrist lock from top of mount 1-22-2000

6. Armbar from (head and arm position) scarf with legs 4-1-2000

7. Keylock from scarf with legs 7-8-2000

8. Double ankle lock while being back mounted 7-8-2000 (saw it on MSNBC in 2001) !!!!!!!!

9. Toehold from bottom of mount 1-19-2001 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Armbar from bottom guard 2-23-2003

11. Triangle Armbar from bottom guard 9-30-2006

12. Submission from strike  (uppercut) from top of turtle 5-12-2007

This list has both Pro and AM as well as MMA and Shootfights.

The gi and no gi grappling subs were pretty wacky as well with very few repeated subs.

The guy is turning 38 this month and is looking to fight professionally again in March at 205lbs, probably in or near Jersey

This list is also self serving and ego massaging.


Brandon Bender will own this list once everybody stops turning down fights with him.

6 straight first round submissions in about 9 minutes total. I believe he has the skill to continue this pattern in a similar way once the UFC is smart enough to sign him.

Not sure that there shouldn't be a class of guys of over 50 fights and under 50 fights b/c even if someone has a higher percentage than Horn but far less fights... is it really comparable... those finishing stats for Horn with that many fights is beyond impressive! Travis Fulton is definitely up there in crazy numbers like Horn too... hell, maybe passed at this point...

For another fighter with over 50 fights I know Dennis Hallman always had a high finishing rate...
Total of 43 Wins
33 Submissions
5 KO
8 Decision

Now if I am giving guys with under 50 fights... off the top of my head...

Chris Brennan

Total of 19 Wins
17 Submissions
1 KO
1 Decision

A Fighter with less than 25 fights...

Paul Sass
11 Wins (11-0)
10 Submissions (8 triangles, 2 heel-hooks)
1 Decision

^^   +1

Yvel has 36 wins:

31 by knockout
5 by submission
0 by decision

Damn impressive for Gilbert