Fighters you don't want in UFC

Post the names of the fighters you never care to see fight in the UFC ever again. I'll start:

Chris Leben

Andy Wang

Ken Shamrock


chris leban,ed herman.

Frank Mir

Ed Herman

Ken Shamrock



Pe De Pano

Mir...unless he's serious about fighting


Any fighter that fights not to lose.. Sylvia comes to mind..

I want to see Ed Herman again, so I can see him get killed. Same with Diego. But Leben can go to WEC for all I care.


- Wang

- Mir

- Sylvia, until he gets his killer instinct back

- Cheick Kongo

- Fabricio Werdum

- Frank Trigg


...and tim sylvia.


Kos (boring)

Ed Herman

Not sure if this is on topic, but what about female fighters in the UFC? How long till it happens?


Chris Leben

the Shamrock brothers

Jason MacDonald

Forrest Griffin

Matt Serra (lol...)

If you Einsteins had your way, there would be maybe five guys left in the UFC.

^^^ lol... there are enough guys to have a UFC every single month..

So there are plenty of them they could drop...

Kid Yamamoto, Gilbert Yvel, or any other dirty fighter.

"wow all TUF guys"

Diaz, Kos, Serra, Evans, Bisping....

These guys are great athletes. Why you would not want them in the UFC is baffling.

Unless you're just trying to be with the cool crowd who dislikes anything "TUF" related.


when did sylvia ever have "the killer instinct?"