FIGHTERS- You ever do this?

When I go to watch fights, even if I am not on the card, I bring my gear just in case someone no-shows.

I can't be the only guy that does this.

Yep I do that as well and a few times i have ended up fighting

jesus, thats ridiculous

I do... to every show.

but now that you have to go thru tests, can that even be done nowadays?

i remember in the old Rhode Island VT events, sometimes someone would come out of the crowd to fight.

but they won't allow it now will they?

have done it before.

I do the same thing at porn conventions. If some dude cant perform, I bring my gear so I can sub in and fuck some broad up

It's lucky that fighters do this, I've seen shows saved because fighters have accepted fights on the night

Im the at a show i had to run to the store buy a strap and a mouthpiece, then had to borrow fellow underground bro Dave Garcia's shorts to fight. LOL

I've done it and actually got to fight in the Circle of Combat down in Colorado Springs, CO. It was a bad snow storm that night and I had a feeling a couple of fighters would not show up. Well my hunch was true and the promoter was glad that I was ready to go. We were able to pull off a couple of good fights due to the fact that a bunch of fighters had shown up with their stuff even though they were not fighting. It was funny, but I agreed to "box" this mexican guy who weighed 240 lbs (he was heavy not muscular). I weighed 200. The dude hit like a freaking MAC truck. I lost a decision. My buddy Jim Allphin won an MMA match that night against his opponent though.

Good times man, good times.....


I have done that to.

pretty common in Nor-Cal

I've done that and wound up fighting.

I have done that at a couple small time shows that are unregulated. At a lot of smaller shows people back out of shit all the time so a "good fightcard" Can turn to shit real fast, thats usually when your gear bag in the trunk comes in handy. Either that or I have had times when the promoter had crappy cards and needed a filler grappling match. Throw some clothes on, tap someone out in about thirty seconds and get everyone to clap for you. Ah the memories.

Do you bring your mouthpiece and keep your hands wrapped after the fights when celebrating in afterward like Matt Horwich?