fighters you have met

I'm sure I'm doing this wrong and I'm sure there's already a thread for this so feel free to school me bros.... list off any notable fighters u have met along with cool stories, bro. I rode on a plane with Werdum and got to square off with him at the new Orleans UFC. Met Munoz, pettits, guillard, Phil Davis, meathead, Michael McDonald, shields, swick, bader, Fitch and Jonathan brookins. Phil Davis was a huge douche. So was guillard and swick. Pettits and munoz were the coolest motherfuckers ive ever met. Ur turn

Forrest Griffin, Roy Nelson, Tony Fryklund, Justin Eilers Phone Post 3.0

Bret "The Hitman" Hart Phone Post

I heard griffin was a dick. Any truth to that?

Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler, Spencer Fisher and not a fighter but Monte Cox too Phone Post 3.0

Charles Liddell

Velasquez, Korean Zombie, Jon Fitch, Ben Rothwell, Duane Ludwig, and Cowboy Cerrone Phone Post 3.0

I'm sure he has the potential to be. I met him and got to train with him a few times after the ultimate fighter. This is only due to the lack of training partners at the time. My first interaction with him he had a case of mouth diarrhea and was talking about fat chicks being good in bed. I can say Roy Nelson was a good 20lbs lighter at the time an shockingly quick. He also was never on time to practice(he was the instructor) Phone Post 3.0

A ton but some of the standouts:

Fedor, Hendo, Hughes, Couture, Jones, Rashad, Chael, Rampage, Weidman. Phone Post

Korean zombie, Ben rothwell, Travis Browne, uncle creepy, Duane Ludwig, Francisco Rivera, Luis gaudinot, don frye, war master, Johny Hendricks, rory macdonald, d Cruz, mark Munoz, grey Maynard, court McGee, Sam stout,Dustin Piore, and a few more. Phone Post 3.0

Plus no name regional fighters like russel Watson mike Mcgregor etc. Phone Post 3.0

Lytle, Hazelett, Tom Erickson, McCorkle, Hornbuckle, Gurgel, Gurgel's wife, few others. All from training or grappling tournaments, never have actually tried to seek out meeting a fighter Phone Post 3.0

Met tito and rashad. Both really cool guys Phone Post 3.0

I met clay guida twice once at Dave Matthews caravan festival and at a phish show, last place I would ever expect to me a pro fighter Phone Post

Leben In Hawaii
Munoz in Sea
Schaub in Seattle
Dana White

I managed to look like a giddy douche in every picture. Phone Post 3.0

Aldo, Hominick, Pierson, and Claude Patrick are the only ones I've met personally.

Also got to roll with mike lullo when he dropped by 10th planet Chicago a couple years back Phone Post

These days a fan can go to a UFC expo and meet plenty of fighters.

Times are good.

I went to a seminar held by Bas Rutten a couple of months ago. I'm from Melbourne Australia so it was a big deal for me to be able to meet el guapo.
Bas was about 30 mins late but he made up for it by staying back for at least an extra 2 hours or so, he was a really cool guy and showed us some pretty cool shit.
It was all thanks to "LEGENDS SEMINARS" if your from Australia like there Facebook page!! They are always trying get the best guys over here, they had Nate Diaz here last month and have had Royce Gracie here before to. Can't wait to see who's next. Phone Post 3.0

Randy couture. And he diddnt even beat me up Phone Post