FIghters you miss watching

In the spirit of the OG thread about athletes that everyone misses being able to watch live, I wanted to start a UG version

What retired/inactive fighters do you miss being able to watch?

for me, the first guy to captivate my interest was Sakuraba. i wish I had been a fan when he was younger, the only bouts of his I saw live were the 2nd go with Royce and afterwards.

-Genki Sudo

That's a good list. I would add Evan Tanner, albeit for a different reason.

Royce Gracie



That man made me trane, and trane hard.

Sakuraba came after Royce for me.


Double Mongolion Chop!

Chuck Phone Post

Matt Hughes
Rich Franklin
Frank Shamrock
Tank Abbot
Mo Smith
Don Frye
Dan Severn

Jon Fitch Phone Post 3.0

Arturo Gatti.

Chris Lytle for sure! Phone Post

Desmond maralonavitch Phone Post

Chuck Liddell

I used to get so hyped up for a Liddell fight, I sure miss him

Karo before the medical issues.

Ryan Gracie (dude was nuts)

Ninja rua


Don Frye Phone Post 3.0

Genki Sudo.

Would have been huge if he was currently fighting.

Pride. Best of pride doesnt do it justice.

You need the opening ceremony and the walk outs to really feel the magnitude of the event.

No specific fighter. Genki and saku were fun to watch, top 10 ring entrances.

shoudawhouda - Chris Lytle for sure! Phone Post
Damn right Phone Post 3.0

Cole Konrad Phone Post 3.0

Sukuraba, Mark Kerr Phone Post

Randleman Phone Post 3.0

Levictus Smithers Phone Post

rockemsockem - Cole Konrad Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure Cole Conrad retired Phone Post