First off, why can't I post on the Phillip Miller thread? Discrimination I tell ya! Anyhow, I want to see Babalu vs. Coture, what do ya'll think? Also, if anyone has info on Jimmy Terrel please let me know, thanks.

Couture needs a rematch with Belfort before he fights anyone else.

yeah i know, but i want to see him fight babalu. What do ya'll think about carl malenko? he fought silva in pride, he didn't look great, but wasn't bad either. who's he training with? is this like a comeback fight?

He's on the AFC card in Florida, charles any info?

He has trained a lot in japan. I think when in florida he trains with Deuisel(sp?) Berto. I have seen him do sub grappling tournaments in florida and he did real well. He looked like his ground improved a ton. He made it to the finals in one tournament and fought a close match losing to david avellan by points.

Malenko did some stuff in battlearts but I beleive they were all pro wrasslin matches. This will be his comeback fight I believe. I havn't spoken to him or anyone in his camp so I dont know if he is planning on giving nhb another go around.

cool, thanks dude!

Last I saw, Jimmy was little, around 145, and not training at all anymore. He was working alot in Cali. HE said he was definitely going to get back to fighting, but probably not MMA, just kickboxing.