FIGHTFEST on Monday announced matches for its April 14 card at Canton Civic Center in Canton, Ohio.

Fresh off his win over BJJ champion Daniel Moraes (Pictures) at GFC's "Team Gracie vs. Team Hammer House," Cleveland, Ohio's Forrest Petz (Pictures) faces Cagewarriors welterweight champion Dan Hardy for both the FIGHTFEST and Cagewarriors 170-pound title.

In other action, "Butterbean" Eric Esch (Pictures), who in January upset UFC and K-1 veteran Wesley Correira (Pictures) in a modified-rules MMA bout, takes to the cage against Team Third Column's Johnathan Ivey (Pictures).

Full Card:
Forrest Petz (Pictures) vs. Dan Hardy
Eric Esch (Pictures) vs. Johnathan Ivey (Pictures)
Josh Hendricks vs. Chris Tuchscherer
Tony Sylvester vs. Patrick Barrantine
Arman Loktev vs. Dan Swift (Pictures)
Wyatt Routson vs. Drew Longshore
Cody Butzer vs. BJ Hodger
Allen Fenn vs. Phil Loopo
Steve Perrir vs. Brian Hensley
Frank Nerone vs. Marc Yates
Sonny Marchette vs. Vadim Ivanov

Coming to the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />st1:Cityst1:placeCanton/st1:place/st1:City Civic Center on Friday, April 14th, at 7 pm/st1:time.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />/o:p

Tickets go on sale at the st1:placest1:PlaceNameCanton/st1:PlaceName st1:PlaceNameCivic/st1:PlaceName st1:PlaceTypeCenter/st1:PlaceType/st1:place Box Office and all Ticket Master Locations on Saturday, February 25th at 10am/st1:time.  Charge-by-phone at (330) 489-3090/st1:phone/st1:phone or on-line at    /o:p

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday, February 26, 2006



Title Fight

Forrest "The Hitman" Petz will face off against the United Kingdom's Cagewarriors champion Danny "The Hitman" Hardy for both the FIGHTFEST AND THE CAGEWARRIORS titles to unify the two belts.

Champion Eric "Butterbean" Esch will enter the Octagon for a no holds barred cage fight. "Butterbean" will face off against Jonathan Ivey.

Title Fight

Josh Hendricks known as one of the best wrestlers in Ohio will face off against the all American wrestler from North Dakota Chris "Touch of Pain" Tuchscherer for the heavy weight title.

"FIGHTFEST" brings a high energy show, mixing good old rock & roll with the most extreme sport in the nation!


Featuring one of Canton Ohio's top bands... 



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday, February 26, 2006








Featuring only professional, elite fighters from around the globe,  "FIGHTFEST" is revolutionizing the industry by merging the hottest alternative music acts today with the fastest growing sport.  "FIGHTFEST" is a competitive event pitting warrior against warrior in hand-to-hand battles of skill, honor and art.

From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to wrestling and Muay Thai boxing, all styles are encouraged, but in order to consistently win, participants must be well versed in every aspect of the fight game.

 "FIGHTFEST".  It's about punches, kicks, elbows, knees, big knockouts, technical submissions, takedowns, and strategy. It's like no other sport you've ever seen!

 "FIGHTFEST" takes the sport to the mainstream. The sanctioning of mixed martial arts by states such as Nevada has brought credibility to the sport and the rest of the country will find out what fight fans already know.  There are rules to protect the competitors and the sport is as safe, if not safer, than many of the major league American Sports.

Which style will reign supreme?  Which man will be left standing? 






ttt for BJ HODGER


BJ has got a hell of a battle up against him with Cody


Going to be one hell of a show.
Can't wait to see usa vs. uk..


who does butzer train with? i've seen him at wrestling tournements before and he is very good.

ttt for wyatt routson,because that would be me.

Butzer bounces around gyms, he trains at my gym and a few other. Should be a good fight

ttt for Drew Longshore cause that would be me :)


Chris "Touch of Pain" Tuchscherer

wins this one easily...this kid is tough...he's a young Tim Silvia...

Not as good of a striker...but long/strong/and just an all around HUGE guy...

GREAT counter wrestler...

I'd love to get some guys n the next card!!

Josh "Heavy" Hendricks is going to destroy Chris Tuchscherer. Chris almost got choked out while trying to take a guy down who has never trained a day in his life (by the way he looks).Chris was lucky to get out and get into mount. No way he can Take down Heavy. Josh is going to have his way with him. Don't get me wrong both are big boys Chris @290 Josh @245 so there will be some heavy punches gettn thrown but Josh will will come out with the win



What weight is Ricky Miller???  I have a 170lb fighter that would like to take this fight. He is from Columbus, and is VERY EXCITING!!!

Let me know,

- Dustin