FIGHTFEST Results Youngstown,MAY6

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - FightFest III at the Chevrolet Centre on May 6:

1. AMATEUR - A.J. Aeschlimann beat Jason Nickoson (unanimous decision)

2. AMATEUR - Cody Butzer beat Cody Carpenter (armbar in 38 seconds)

3. Luke Zachrich over Micah Bender (key lock in 32 seconds)

4. Toby Grear over Wyatt Routson (ref stop at 1:34)

5. Sean Salmon over Jim Bundy (ref stop at 1:27)

6. John Soeder over BJ Lacy (rear naked choke at 2:55)

7. Todd Carney over Todd Seyler (guillotine choke at 2:03)

8. Jorge Santiago over Thomas Russell (arm bar at 1:58)

9. Dan Bobish over Christopher Clark (Kimura at 1:00)

Yay Bobish!

Also, LOL @ battle of the "Cody's". Not anything personal, it just make me imagine Corey Haim and Feldman trying to dust each other in a ring.

edit Also the battle of the Todds! LOL!! We Todds fight good! ;D

How was the turnout for this show????

Wow, almost all of them ended in the first round!