fighting 5-year-olds

I got 27:-)

I did it before and got 31!! I beat you!! yes!!!!

(who cares that i lied on half the question?)

i just saw this to it's wild!

I got 30. I think you have to be willing to use one of the kids as a weapon against the otehrs to score high.

Hi Foot!

LoL... I got 31

 Damn! I only got 28 of those little bastigges.



I got 38 earlier.


 lol Real nice, guys. People are at work bustin' their asses to make a better life and you guys are taking quizzes on how many 5-year-olds you can beat up at once. *shakes head*

 I got 30, btw.

26... I suck.

Grabs belt and smiles

I got seven.

I only got 9, and then I got on my computer

30... that's decent I guess lol.



I got 29. But I am going to kick the ass of the next little kid I see in order to make it an even 30.