Fighting a Urine Test Friday Help

My first fight I need help

Take cup, hold it underneath your penis. Pee in it. Hand it to the official.

Lol @ clarence.

GO to the head shop and get some detox drink right away so that your body has time to recover. If your to clean they know something is up. That's what I heard no personal experince. A buddy took the drink the same day as he took the test and no drugs turned up but they said it was to clean and canned him saying they knew something was up....

this one sailed
over everyone

It's because you're so much smarter than everyone else. How lonely it must be at the top.

LOL @ you.

If you knowyou ahve to take the fucking test dont do the fucking drugs.

Vinegar won't work well.

I get your fighting a urine test. Take the stuff it will give you the edge in your fight with the urine test...

no ..evryone please exit out and review the top 5 threads of the day..

I'm not sure which one it's been a few years back and I wasn't with him he just told me the story..Who knows if the stoner even knew which one he had or even what really happened. Knowing him he was probably toking out while taking the   He probably smoked as much weed as Cheech and Chong