Fighting Amature Muy Thai This Fri

It's gonna be fun. Wish me luck.


Psych Ward

Good luck!

I'm training for my first fight. It's in January!

good luck to both of you! i wish a sharp mind and body for both of you.

first fight mma or muay thai hook?

It's MMA.

It's kinda funny. I'm fighting in the KFC!!


(that's Kentucky Fighting Challenge, not fried chicken)

This is their third show and they keep getting better, so hopefully it will turn into a well known event.

lol, KFC. funny shit. where in kentucky? either way, good luck, and be agressive. get the first offensive action. know anything about the guy you're fighting?

It is in Lexington, KY, at Rupp Arena, in the Lexington Convention Center.

The guy I am fighting is 0-4, I think. He fought in the last one and lost by decision. I videotaped the last one, so I've got footage on him.

Thanks for the support!

good luck

Hook, watch out for the guy if he is 0-4. He may have "game" stamina because he has gone the distance in his last fight and knows what it feels like to fight in the ring. You may be more skilled but he obviously has shown he has the stamina to fight until the end. Make sure your stamina is top notch. Good luck to the both of you.


tillett is correct. even though you may be more skilled and this guy is 0-4, he may be hungry for a win....and that, coupled with stamina, may prove to be a challenge for you. best of luck

Thanks for the advice guys!

I am by no means underestimating this guy. He has had the balls to get in the ring four times and has proven himself to be a tough fighter.

I am, however, confident in my training partners and my 'desire' to win this fight.

I am a wrestling coach and I workout with my team everyday and I am going to start training after practice on the heavybag, so I feel I will be ready.

Any other advice is appreciated.

Get someone to kickbox with you....even if it is at 80%, just to get used to the punches and kicks coming at you.....use people to "play fight" with you at maybe 85% at the beginning to get used to the transitions and speed and the variations to your wrestling skills. And last but not least, put on some gloves and work close to full speed fighting for multiple rounds with fresh people. You have try to simulate a fight as close as you can without injuring yourself.


good luck both of you

Thanks man!

I helped one of our guys train for his last fight. I wore a rib protector and a caged mask and my job was basically to clinch with him.

Well, my only boxing experience was beating the shit out of my heavy bag.

Needless to say, he lit my head up the first couple of rounds until I started moving and made it tougher for him.

and thats what you need to do in your fight as well. keep moving. i wish i could remember my first fight. i kind of went on auto-pilot.

funny thing is, in training, i would always fumble the kneestrikes in the clinch where you skip from leg to leg. i would fuck up the order of the skipping EVERY FUCKING GODDAMNED TIME! it was seriously pissing me off. i would throw 4 or 5 good solid kneestrikes, skipping correctly, but would eventually fuckup....but in the fight i got in the clinch and threw about 10 knees to the guys face and torso, and my instructor said i threw them perfectly. go figure.

Hook, get someone to throw punches at you man----it will help


I can't find anybody willing to punch me in the face, will you volunteer? j/k

Right now, I'm all about conditioning. Over Christmas break, I'm going to train striking A LOT. Right now, I just don't have time to work with my regular training partners.

I appreciate all you guys! I'll try to post some pix and maybe some video, since I'm THE 'video editor' of the fights as well.