Fighting and A Transgirl

Met her on Bumble. Scrolling and say a pasty white girl with some trashy pictures. Sort of slutty in nature. I swiped right and it’s as simple as, would I fuck her, yes or no? Her case was different because her profile said something like, " In town for a couple more days, looking for fun now. "

Immediate match. It wasn’t 30 seconds she wrote me.

She is from LA and staying with her friend. She said, " He actually has someone over right now and I can hear them, I want out of here. Can you meet me now?"

I thought, yea, you can rob me now. I assumed a setup of some kind. Simply because pussy is seldom that easy. I actively encourage conflict and I am bored so I said yes.

Now the reveal. So she says, "before I meet you I need to tell you something.

I’m trans is that ok? "

Well, fuck. No, no it is not. So I’m loooking over her 3 pics again and again and I can’t see any tells. I hesitate obviously, she is pressing to meet. The 3 pics reveal a lot, but no cock shots, ya know. I can see her face, I can see her body. But no nudes. I’m unable to proceed without seeing all of her first.

I press for the nudes. She sent me titty pics. Well goddamn, those were nice titties! Solid, full B cups.

Now she sends her ass pic. It’s a nice feminine ass. Actually really nice. I’ll be goddamned, she has every quality of a hot girl I like; nice face, nice hair, nice titties, and a nice ass. With one glaringly obvious addition to the package.

She was about 5’6" 130 - 135 lbs. Tiny enough I suppose. What do I do?
So I sat there frozen on my phone. Could I? Should I? I mean, I fuck girl’s in the ass all the time. But this…this is different.

Adventure gentleman. I said fuck it, let’s meet. She told me she "needed to clean. " That is parlance to douche her ass out I suppose.


Shit, my friend needs her car jumped real quick. I’ll be back with the rest of the tale.




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God help me, I’m subbing this one…


Oh this is gonna be good. Don’t let us down OP

I’m already slow stroking.


this will be interested and yes, yes it does make you gay


I presume that friend has a pussy, so fuck her instead.


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How did you get voted best Dougie? I thought this was a unity thing, man!

Lol. One of the reasons I could never quit the OG is these type of threads straight out of left field.

The OG has a long history of tranny fascination so OP is just keeping with tradition it seems.

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OP is a rag-of-ether away from getting his diameter stretched.

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WTF dude

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“So you lost your virginity…big whoop!”

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so you’re gay