Fighting and A Transgirl

Had a feeling you liked the cawk

This is like waiting for the next Game of Thrones book to come out…


Wonder how many of us will want the last act rewritten?

OP is saying he isn’t gay but it comes across more like this…


Just because he banged a tranny a few months ago it don’t mean he isn’t banging another one right meow. It’s fucking Fighting after all.

I have not had a Mustang in many many years so I’m not sure the reference ?

I may or may not have done this. lol

I had to pick her up at this dudes house she was staying with.

She comes out and fuck me, she is hot. She had make up on, obviously girl’s clothes and walked like a girl. My brain said FEMALE.

She gets in the car and I drive here back home. In the car we are talking and I’m waiting for a knife but she was cool. Mostly sane. My radar is not pinging danger of any kind.

I get in my door, and I motion her to my bedroom. She complies and as soon as I shut the door, she is 2 feet away. I grabbed her throat, and she grumbles out, yessss daddy.

I put her on her knees, and took my cock out. She went to work. I’m now examining her from above. Real hair, feminine hands, everything is fem. I wonder how long she has been on her hormones. Her titties were firm and real feeling. There were no obvious scars anywhere, now saline sack that felt like trash. They felt real in every way.

She did amazing blowing me.I grabbed her by the hair and stood her up. I pushed her against my bed. I yanked her pants down. But alas, a belt. She works the belt from the front and down the pants go to her ankles.

Her ass was pretty goddamn nice. I saw no dick from this view. I pulled out a condom and she hears me messing with it. Then the first ut oh moment. She tells me not to use the condom! No thank you.

I said, " yea, I only use condoms. I don’t know you. " She tells me about what I now know is something called “prep.” Or some word like that that prevents HIV. I tell her I don’t know shit about that and am wearing a condom to be safe. She tried a little more to get me not to wear it. I wouldn’t relent and put it on.

So I did it, lads. I put it in her ass. Now you know I am an OGer, I am not small! There was no whimpering, whining or hesitation. In it went and off I go. It didn’t fall in like a gaping hole, but with spit, I just pushed it in and boom.

She moaned and whimpered like a girl, moved like a girl. Still no sign of the dick, and no giant man hands or anything like that. I stayed hard and plowed.

I stopped and got up on the bed and laid down after a few minutes. She starts to straddle me, facing me. No thank you. I stopped her and made her face away from me. She complied. From there she did a fantastic job. But it could only last so long. i can’t come with a condom on. Impossible. I don’t have hours.

Now my curiosity was satisfied, I won’t be coming, now what do I do? Well nothing. I told her I can’t come with a condom on. She told me to take it off then and come inside of her. I told her I have shit I gotta do, but I will pick her up later if she wants to. She said she did.

So we got dressed, and I drove her home. The ride home was nuts because she was acting like my girlfriend. Playing me songs, singling along to them. Super lose and care free. lol

She texted me about 2 hours later to come pick her up. I made an excuse. The next day she texted again. I thought about doing it again maybe, but it’s just one of those things. I was curious and I did it. No more wondering. Its done.

Looking back now, months later. I wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t let her fuck me, I didn’t suck her dick. I fucked a girl in my eyes. She was kinda sweet and very nice and she looked like linetrap. I do not regret it at all to be honest.

Makes me a fag, but I don’t give a single fuck. If she ever comes back in town and hits me up, I’d do it again.

Peace to you and blessings.


And here we go!!!

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Welp…I finished.


So did you ever see HIS dick???





Pretty much opposite…

Jk but maybe!

Goddamnit, nothing I wouldn’t have done different!!! Cue the Leo clapping gif!!!

Mild wood reading that!

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Yeah. Was her dick bigger than yours or not?

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So, we don’t have rules on this new forum?

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