Fighting and A Transgirl


No such thing as chicks with dicks, just dudes with tits.

So you’re bi-sexual or queer or something other than super straight. I don’t give a shit and fuck anyone who does. Bang what you like bro. You only live once.


None of this happened, but I appreciate the story.



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Y’all posting in a troll thread. No pics? Yup.

All that to tell us DangerousDoug is your Alt?

Very entertaining OP. Not sure what to think about it all but I feel that way about most threads here lol.


He caught the feels and went back for seconds.



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I liked this story. I’d prefer that there are no pictures. That way I can use my imagination when I fantasize about this later and she can look like whatever I want.

I appreciate that the OP described her dick though, because I didn’t want to have to waste my imagination on that part of the fantasy. I can already picture it from the description.


This is an interesting tail … assuming it’s true …

Did you “get off” knowing you were banging a dude? Or was it the fact that you were banging something in between and the taboo-ness of it got you hard? Are you just a sexual deviant? Or was this your “first” step coming out of the closet?

You knew 100% it was a dude and you calling it “her” through out the story paints some serious denial.

If you couldn’t finish with a condom on, why not have him blow you to completion?

OP do you feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders after coming out?

Blowing after a condom removed is the WORST. Just go start licking everything at a used tire store.

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Thanks for the advice…lol…

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Jesus Christ what a story

Well somebody slipped in a little nugget of first hand knowledge. Thanks for that!

Op I believe your story, and I applaud your balls to tell us about it. I also wonder if those balls slapping against your thighs gave you second thoughts?

I don’t know which is worse…

The troll story or the honest personal responses.

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