Fighting and A Transgirl

The 1st “og” og’er telling us a good story on this new site.
I think you just broke the ice for us.
Kinda fucked up not posting pics, but i understand. Taking that 1st big step forward out of the closet must be difficult, but you came out ok.
We’re all proud of you, our little boy is growing up to be a big man.

Sorry, not sure on the whole “pronouns” thing. Hope i didn’t offend you.

Glad to be of help :joy::joy:

Legit school boy (or girl;trans) LOL at your second paragraphs!!!

WOAH. I thought all these other dougie’s were you children that done damn gone wild. BAMALAM

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I have grandchildren ?

thats a no from me dog
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damn… reads like gay hustler personals

nothINg wrong with that

I don’t really care about “coming out.” Don’t care about bi, straight or gay. That’s about me, you, whoever else. My attitude is super simple. Have fun, don’t involve kids, and go explore the world.

We can all say what we want here but deep down, when no one was around, I bet most of you would fuck her too. I’m not saying suck her dick or let her fuck you, but most would probably fuck her. Admit it or not, not my concern. I’m not trying to throw shade and get the light off me, lol.

As for my sexuality, i could care less about being “queer.” If I liked dudes, I’d just say it. I just know men dont do it for me. Transversely,
I know a feminine hot girl with nice titties and a nice ass, dick or no dick, ill hit it if she’s hot. Take away the tits, long hair, female features and my brain wiring says no thank you. I now know that.

Live free, be happy, hurt no one.


How does it feel being the newest member of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ family?

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I fucked my first trranny in my 20’s. The funniest thing was he/she thought I didn’t know and was going through all this trouble to “keep me from finding out”

I just got behind and fed it to the fire

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Do you homie. Definitely not throwing stones here BUT that was a dude. Stop saying “her”.

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Hot dude then.


The Fall and Rise of Fighting!

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Is that him? Lol … I mean, doesn’t look explicitly like a dude but that’s not some smoking hot chick either.

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