Fighting and A Transgirl

That’s a rustbelt 9.5 er 8.5…if “she’s” not your type!

Prude! lol

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At least you know that you are gay now. Maybe you need better taste, but you can finally stop hiding.

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Fair point. Lol

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yeah that face is pretty, his gut might be bigger than his titties tho.

I’m happy for you fighting! I look forward to the “I LOVE getting pegged!” thread.

The western world is in this state right now because people think it’s ok to “explore” and “have fun”. Guess what, literally every stroke that’s tearing into a male rectum is a punch to the face of our society

…don’t involve kids

fat chance because porn and gay sex culture goes smoothly into that territory.
Not everything must be explored and having fun shouldn’t be a priority. If we go by this, everyone suffers in the end because a good society is not upheld by fun-loving explorers.

In the end, you ravaged a man’s anus. His deeply disturbing delusions were reenforced.


But Universal …4

6…inches lol

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Not counting dude has a dick, not feeling all that shit on the face. Too much going on.

You have got to be really fun at parties. Are you allowed out of the convent?



The hero guys like Harlem don’t deserve.

Well I’ve ended a night with worse… minus the twig and berries part.

I don’t find his behavior (even if it is a troll) enjoyable or exciting.

But I don’t think we should stand in the way of consenting adults slapping dicks just because it isn’t my thing.

Sorry mang, waking up to twig and berries is as bad as it gets… For us super straights…

So how do I stand in the way of deeply degenerate behaviour? Also, “consenting adults” is a bad, bad meme, my dude.

what IS that shit on the face? is that decoration? some sort of growth?
i’m all for op getting his freak on, don’t want anyone telling me what i should/shouldn’t do as long as it’s between 2 consenting adults. but with his description, was surprised by the pic.
all that being said, i’ve probably done worse. without the balls swinging back, smacking my thigh.

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A new troll on a troll thread. Makes sense.

Yeah but the leap from picking up a fatty bar slag while wasted to knowingly picking up a mediocre (at best) tranny is pretty fucking huge.

I assumed maybe he had him face down in a bowl of lucky charms and a few just got stuck…