Fighting and Ladies

I have seen many threads with "fighters" talking about how they get good looking girls, etc. I am going to tell you guys the truth.

Few girls are attracted to mma. There are some cute ones but for the most part, the girls that are attracted to fighters are not the kind of girls I want to hang around with. On top of that, if you actually do meet a fine girl, fighting will actually become a point of contention between you. In order to be a top level fighter, you need to eat, breath and sleep fighting. This takes attention away from your lady friend. Hot lady friends like attention, so they soon start to hate fighting. On top of that, not only are you not paying attention to them, but you are usually too tired and sore to be in a good mood. Even if you were in a good mood, you wouldn't want to go out because you have to practice at 6:30 in the morning the next day. And even if you didn't have practice the next day, you aren't drinking because you have a fight in two months, so what fun is going to a smokey bar anywho.

There you go, thats the truth. Or maybe I am jsut no good with the ladies. Actually, that might be in part due to my special lady friend. She tends to frown upon me trying to use fighting to pick up other women.


In addition to skid marked tighy whities, Kid got no game!

(j/k--congrats again!)

Man, I jsut read that. I am a biter and angry guy - its probably the thining hair. Anyways, what we need to do is hijack Apple's thread. Lets just photo shop my head over his. Then I will feel better. Or we could just photoshop more hair onto my head - either way.

LMAO--just put your face in place of Conan O'Brien's, IMO.

Special lady friend by armbar IMO

good post

mmm, have to disagree. must be your game. ;)

and maybe where you live as well.

gives up fighting career before it starts

your game is weak

I personally think its because u have one nut thats smaller than the other.

lol @ mouth.

I just married my lately first. then started fighting a several years later. now she's a great support.

Skip is my 3rd and I'm his 2nd - so we knew what we didn't want going into this marriage - I was 26 and he was 37.  From the beginning - everything our ex's were - we weren't and everything they wouldn't do - we did.  I've just always supported Skip in everything he's wanted to do (with the exception of climbing Everest) and he's given that support right back to me. 

It helps that we talk about fighting and that we can carry on a conversation regarding mma.  I don't do stats (like most males and few females) but I do listen and understand fighting terminology.  I'm not a "yes" person - if he looks bad or needs specific training I'll tell him.  Which is why he's off to Memphis this weekend working with Dave Ferguson for his upcoming fight - you can't get enough ground training.  And yes I'd much rather him take me out to dinner or to a movie - or just rent a movie and spend time on us - but I'd also like him to look good when he fights.  It's the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.  But my payback is 1) him being happy, 2) he always gives me part of his purse -woo-hoo and 3) he schedules fights and training in places that he knows I'd enjoy (no not Jasper, AL). But like his fight in England - we got to stay for a week and did touristy things.

May have been different if he started out when we were still dating and with the demands that training and fighting -26 years ago they didn't even have mma; so what do I know.

kid - look for a female that is intelligent enough to actually talk to you on your level and not just be worried that her panties match her outfit. ;-)

later, Sally

Nick tell the find it easier to date training partners. Remember the times we've had. I love deeply.

there is an easier solution to this... marry a fighter :-)

Mr. Kobold is correct!


Is it thwe thinning hair or the pasty white appearance?

I don't see a problem with you ;-)    you actually had a very cute gf at the FFC  - later, ma

lol @ all of this...

i'll have to disagree. i actually met my boyfriend at an event, not knowing he was a fighter. i will agree when he is training hard for fights i may not have alot of alone time with him. however, i watch him train and spend my extra time supporting him.