Fighting Climate Change is Racist

Caucasians (specifically Libtards) are scared of global warming and the earth to have more moderate temperatures like those in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia where skin pigmentation thrives.

They want the earth to become like the climates of Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and the other white Nordic countries.

The gig is up, whitey.


Haven’t you heard, everything thing white people do is racist.

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That outcome is more likely than the moronic idea that we can control the earths climate cycle.

Still amazes me that every fucking retard that’s an environmentalist doesn’t understand how climate cycles work and that every single study on global warming that has ever been done has excluded the sun, which is responsible for 98% of the earth’s temperature from it’s model.

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Yes. They need to think more progressively on the changes of the earth that are necessary for it’s functioning in the greater universe.

In fact, could all of the recent UFO sightings be due to extraterrestrial visitors monitoring humans and thier narcissistic nature of trying to control the climate instead of it organically playing out?

Because they are indoctrinated into the Cult of Progressivism!