"Fighting Hurts" Cage Rage Episode 1 (vids)


thanks for posting, rather entertaining.  Looking forward to Ep. 2

 lol I'm watching the second vid... hilarious.

Thor is awesome

 this show is like american idol "do u wanna b a fuckin fighter"

the sheep thrower was funny

LOL...the judges are all bald.

Mimicking BLAF ..IMO.

 Comedy gold.

Not enough pikeys

War THOR 2nd vid......is that where Bispings from????

 OK, I love my British buddies, but when hear that accent I always picture this:

LOL at Brad Pickett’s face at the beginning!

What’s up with that look?? I have met him in person and he does not have that cross eyed look normally. Must have held the q card to close.