Fighting In Alabama

Can anyone explain what is required to fight MMA in the state of Alabama?
Full Body Scan? Neurological Exam? Vision Exam?Hepatitis Test? HIV Test? Physical? Boxing License?

depends on the promoter - but very likely nothing as there is no commission in place.  word is that it's coming but as of now nothing.  lm

Are all fights in Alabama amature since there is no athletic commision in place?

no pro mma & mt/kickboxing is legal.  the only thing that I know is not legal is professional boxing - and alot of the tufman stuff that's advertising boxing and paying them is being looked at by the National commissioner of boxing.  a friend of ours put on a pro boxing match and was called the very next day by said commissioner.  but as of now all mma is legal.  hope this helps.  lm

Actually pro boxing IS legal; any fights here are not recognized by the other boxing commissions or organizations, and any fights here would not count. "Tufman" competitions are also legal.

It can be confusing, depending on who you talk to and the words that get thrown around, but "heavily frowned upon" and "illegal" are VERY different.

LM, if you have a statute for me to look at on this matter, I'd appreciate the reference to where it is located.

Tim Lukenhoff (sp?) with the ABC is exactly who said any PRO boxing in Alabama without being supervised by another states commission is illegal.  I'll try and dig up the emails but I'm pretty swamped getting ready for the show.    And he's looking into the Tufman situation, actually passed this back to the legal dept where they are advertising these as boxing matches and paying the winners.  Not just here but all over the country.  Hit me back up towards the end of the month and I'll see if I can find the correspondence.  later, lawdy

Skip mentioned the Mohamed Ali act of 1997 (?) not exactly sure of the quote - but that it's a federal violation not a state one.  in which case it's still illegal.  I know Jason Aldridge had a pro boxing for his main event a couple of years ago, advertised it in the paper, put it on the internet and received a call the next day.  Was told specifically if he put on another he would be arrested.  That's about the extent of my knowledge.

best site I've been to is the ISCF webpage - - they tend to be a bit overboard for my tastes but they do update their info with more regularity than most.  see if this helps.

later, lawdy

You are correct, it is a FEDERAL violation to hold a professional boxing match in a state without a commission UNLESS another commission oversees the venture.

Promoters/Managers could get a year in jail and $20,000 fine. Boxers could get a $1,000 fine.