Fighting in WNY

I'm curious to know if anyone would like to compete in a little Grappling and MMA show in Rochester NY.

Just feeling u guys (and gals) out to see if there's interest in particiaption.

Date would be in late April to mid May

Send any inquires to

or leave me an adddress

I beleive MMA is illegal in New York freind. unless your on a reservation. Not for sure though, if it isn't give me a email at I might be interested.

Actually MMA is legal but with many restrictions as to where u can Have it.

Plus I have contacts on the indian reservation but that would be a big to do
Its a messy situation here in NY
Ill send u a email

where do you find out what the many restrictions are maverick id like to read up on it.

Nhbmaverick, have we talked before? Have you run a show before?

- Kyle

I hope this isn't Jerome from the Combatzone. Tag team MMA. Trying to sucker a brand new fighter with zero experience into fighting Jon Weidler. (Without Jons knowledge) A MMA ring without a bottom rope. ect...ect...ect...

If you are not Jerome, sorry for posting...

Kyles, please email me so we can chat further.

Sandy, yes this Jerome Davis, but I beleive your understanding of the situation (with Jon) is incorrect. I truly don't wish to get into a pissing match with any one out here. I am in a new busines that is far removed from MMA, however, a close friend of mine who owns a MMA studio in town has asked me to help him put a small show together in his studio.

We all learn from our mistakes, and I'm trying to help all those who wish to compete locally do so without a producing a freak show.

I ask all who r out here to forgive me in my days of worrying about making money from this sport and to ask u to be open about my intentions. THEY R TRUE AND WITHOUT A MONETARY GAIN!!!

SRO, if u wish to learn more about the state of MMA in NY, email me and I'll send u some background info.



Who runs a legit MMA studio in Rochester?

Sorry Jerome, not interested ...

Beam, I bet he is talking about those guys at that Karate place on North Greece Rd where he had his shady events before.

Hear we go. Raggin on a guy who has a martial arts place, and raggin on our past shows.

What is your problems.

Who else is even offering to do MMA events anywhere in WNY

Where do u guys train? Do u even do any form of martial arts are do u just sit behind your computer and put down people.

We had 2 shows in Rochester that had great participation and were fun. No body got hurt, the events were real and we had good staff.

So what's ur problem??

Tell me that or just shut ur mouths.

I didn't put down your Karate buddie on North Greece Rd. I put down the illegal event you staged at his school.

My problem with you is that you do more harm than good for MMA in NYS. Every post you make, I will be there reminding you. You're right, I have nothing better to do...

Ok well if u want to take the time to rag on me Sandy, justify ur answers with proof and I will be happy to debate them with u.

See, contrarary to those views out their I am the only guy doing anything at all in Ny with MMA.

I know the laws, and the politicans and the people on the Athletic commission.

The show was not illegal in fact the guy who owns the plaze where the event took place is a town councilman who check on the laws and they allowed the show to take place

Further more the laws in NYS state that MMA is legal if the organization that sponsors it is recognized by the state.

The problem is they chose to keep MMA dn because there is no money in it and have not put rules together to recognize any organization

So please tell me ur opinion but do me a favor state specific facts not what u beleive is true

"Where do u guys train? Do u even do any form of martial arts are do u just sit behind your computer and put down people.... Tell me that or just shut ur mouths"

Since you speak in plurals and refer to "u guys" and "ur mouths" should I assume that you are also speaking to me? My name is Jason Beam and I train regularly with Kyle Saunders at Saunders BJJ and with Chris Herzog at Empire Judo Academy ... both legit and very good grappling schools in Rochester. If you are trying to create support and participation for your event, you are not helping your cause by talking shit to me.

Have a good evening,

Jason Beam

My apologizes Jason, Ill be happy to stop by and introduce myself. And I was referring to ur self and the other guy who was putting me down. Many people out here say "shit" and just like to bust my chops. They r well key board warriors who don't know much about this sport.

Since u do train in Rochester, I would hope u would support me and my efforts because I do know what I am doing and saying and if u gave me a chance to prove that to u, you might see I am for real.!!!

I don't mean any disrespect and hope that any comments u make r because u r a true believer in this sport.

Since u train with Kyle, I know u serious. However I am as well, and I am one of the only people in this state who has activly battled withe NYSAC and has a good understanding of what they r trying to do





LastI knew you cashed this in!!! I remember my figfht June 2002. Got my cheek broken!!! But my opp. did much worse. Whatthe hell I need to get back into the ring.