Fighting Men - Kill Or Be Killed (1943): Military Combat Training Film..Brass Knuckles? Yep!

War is hell. Especially WWII.

Brass knuckles & blackjacks on the battlefield? You betcha’!

Whatever it takes…


Man, we used to be so awesome.

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I’ve been watching a bunch of these, I now know how to be a belly gunner in a B-17 thanks to Burgess Meredith and watched a Mel Blanc cartoon telling me to keep my mouth shut in brothels because the hooker might be a spy lol


Was it in Bugs Bunny’s voice?

Now the faggot left probably want training videos about acceptance, and instead of stabbing there’s hugging.

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During a rough and tumble the password is kill.

I was mostly raised by my grandpa who was a big muscled up army vet that stormed a concentration camp. Wonder if he watched these videos.


Pretty much lol. Here’s one about booby traps

I love these old videos