Fighting Overweight??

So let's say you sign a fight at 169, but the day of the weigh in, you weigh at 175, agree to give up part of your purse, as long as you dont need to make weight... is this wrong?


Chad, I'm not a fighter nor do I play one on TV. But, if it was me, I would work my ass off to make weight just so when we step into the ring there won't be any doubts to who was the better man on that night.

But, first you got to get my out of shape ass in the ring. That won't happen. :)

Sign me up...


I will fight JHR's left arm.

Chad, try to make weight. When you beat that guy you don't want to give him any excuse other than you were the better fighter.

Let us know how it goes.

I'm not really talking about me Dougie, I always make weight by about .2 pounds or so... (except with fredrickson, but I think it was his fatness that influenced the scale)

I was just thinking in general what peoples thoughts were.


Personally, I think that if you sign to fight at a weight then you should fight at that weight.

Forfiting some of you purse is ok but I have to wonder about people who do it on a regular basis. Perhaps a chunk of their winning purse as well?

In any case I still think that if you want to win you want to do it leaving no reason for the other guy to complain other than himself.

Dougie that's pretty mean, what if the guy gets really down on himself and has no excuse?

I'm not sure what you mean. Can you explain more?

I thinkt hat if you beat a guy you wouldn't want him saying, "Well he had more weight," or something. Just that the winner was the better fighter that day.

I'm not trying to be mean. Maybe I just wrote was I was trying to say and it wasn't clear?

Dougie, I'm playin around, I know exactly what you mean.... sometimes I dont even know what I post to be honest.. then when I read it later, I read it as if I'm someone else.

anyway, I agree with you.


It depends, here in Montreal the commission won't allow a fight if there's a 10 pounds difference (i think) except for heavyweights.

i think it depends if the opponent wants to fight you in your overweight state. if he does go ahead...if he doesn't your SOL and should have to give your purse or part of it to your opponent. I think most fighters would say "who cares let fight" so I don't think it would be a big deal. AS long as you don't make a habit of weighing in over. then again I have never fought yet so I may be out to lunch.....

Chad, stop that.

Seriously, I love boxing and have since I was a kid. Fights like Ward vs Gatti are what dreams are made of. When you get 2 guys who fight, make no excuses and act like men and not little boys then you have a great fight. Neither made excuses for lsing in any of their fights.

I still remember watching Bararra vs Hamed and thinking Hamed shot his mouth off and Bararra shut it and I want to listen to him whine like a bitch at the end of the fight. But Hamed stood up and gave props to a guy he took lightly.

Perhaps someone coming in overweight is being disrespectful not only to the other guy but himself too. He'll never know if he won because he's that much better or if he had too much weight.

I know I don't win often but when I do get something I know it's because I had to work for it and there is no excuse.

If I was a promoter, that would be the last time you would fight for me.

Be professional...heck, I'd put a clause stating if you do not make weight, you forefeit your show purse to your opponent.

It's about being professional. If you sign to fight at !69.99, then make the weight. In essense, if there was not a clause, you would not be honouring your contract right??

Showdown, I'm agreeing with you but to play the devil's advocate:

What about guys who come plodding in way over their weight like Kirk Johnson? You just knew he was going to take a beating from Vitali.