Fighting untrained southpaw

I have been training in MMA for a few months... I have good hands for my level, but I am no boxer.

I'm fighting an untrained southpaw in a radio boxing match.

I am orthodox. Any tips (besides the obvious sparring and cardio/roadwork)

I have a very good parry with my right hand followed by a straight jab (against another orthodox.) I have very good straight punches and a decent left hook to the body.

That's some sound advice from punchdrunk. Apparently he's not that punchdrunk.

Foot outside his, TONS of right hands, straight as an arrow. Plenty of left hooks.

WATCH out for his straight left, it will seem to come out of nowhere.


I am 5'5, 145lbs. He is 5'8 and about 155.

It figures that I'm better with my left hand. Will my left body hooks still be worth using or will his right side being forward nullify it?

He says he grew up in the "ghetto" and has been in street fights...

I downplayed my experience and said I've never been hit or in a fight ;-)

What a schmuck. That fact that he is trying to use his rep to psych you, tells me he is a bit worried.

Punchdrunk is correct again. Don't start all these mental startegies, etc. You're trained. Be ready and PRESENT.

I suggest looking for signs of worry in his eyes and nerves in his general appearance so you will feel what a lion feels when it spots a wounded Gazelle on the Serengeti.

What's a radio boxing match?

It's a boxing match that is being put on by a radio show...

Wow, interesting. Kinda like Stuttering John vs. Crazy Cabbie?