Fighting With OC SPRAY

First of all OC Spray is not MACE and it is not Tear
Gas. Those are both less effective and dated


Tear Gas is an irritant.

OC is an inflammatory agent.

Another faulty addition to either is the UV Dye that
you sometimes find mixed in as a "so called"

It only serves to dilute the effectiveness of the OC.

OC Spray is rated in Scoville Heat Units (SHU).
The higher the number the hotter the spray. 2
million is the normal rating for a good spray. Some
go up to 5 million. Percentage is not as important.
10 percent is the norm. If the cannister is not
labeled with the SHU and you cannot get it from the
manufacturer, don't buy it.

There are various delivery systems and each has
strong and weak points.

Every state has certain requirements for OC such

Container labeling

Container size

Age for purchase

Age for possession

Circumstances for use

Not knowing your specific requirement can lead to

OC is not point and shoot. There is a tremendous
amount of tactics and training that go along with it,
just like anything else.

It is a great option for Self Preservation. It is NOT
JUST FOR WOMEN. That's just a stupid assertion
made by the macho men amongst us.

I remember years ago when we were first
developing out OC program that a very well known
instructor reseponed to a post I made on a forum
and said "Demi, we can't all go around with our
utility belts". That was very agenda based and
closed minded. In many instances, in shorts and a
tee shirt, I have a firearm, OC, a knife and a
flashight on me and you couldn't tell.

I guess some people are just really tough, I mean
really tough! They don't need things like firearms or
OC. They can handle multiple attackers at 0 dark
thirty in the hallway, they can pull off knife
dissarms, they always know when, where and how
they will be attacked and they always win.

For the rest of us there is a broad base of practical
options with solid info and training methods to
help in our overall Self Preservation.



Just to clarify one point, Mace is also a brand name and does produce OC. In fact,the name Mace was brought to the public's attention back in the 70's by Smith and Wesson.

OC spray is amazing! I've suggested to several people that they should check out an OC class, & they usually think it's a good idea...for their girlfriend(kind of like 'the gift of fear' by GdB). With proper training, OC can be(is) a great addition to anyone's arsenal. Inflammatory, yes, but it still HURTS LIKE HELL(it burns...really, really, really bad).
No bullets, no blades, no blood. Sounds great to me!
Matt W.

One of the most importnat things ot remember is that OC is just an option and should be backed up by other tools if at all possible. While OC is certainly great against most people, there are some that suffer little to no effects from it and thi is when you need to have somethign else to go to.

Also keep in mind that OC shouldnt be used to end a lethal force threat.

Good companies also offer "inert" spray units for
training purposes. They give you a chance to
understand how the spray pattern, etc. will
perform under actual use. I'd highly recommend
that users work with trainers, even if you can't
afford a certified training course. It'll put you one
step further in knowledge.

OC should be considered as part of the concept of
"metsubishi" (visual distractions) [thanks, Don
Rearic], which include the famous ninja smoke
bombs, handful of dirt, etc. OC is a tactical tool
which allows you time to assess the need for
escalation of force to higher levels, and should not
be considered as a "fight ender" under typical



Good job guys.

The game here is to broaden the martial artists
understnding of the product and it's use in Self


Anyone have info on a good source for inert units?

I have been practicing aiming and distance on various points on my backyard wall, but would like to try it out (including active deployment) against a resisting foe.

The stuff I'm using is Fox Labs, I'm not too keen on hitting myself or buds with the live stuff yet... kind of like asking someone to cut me to see if a knife is sharp. I'll work my way up to it, and already have a formula for improvised decon agent... I think it's no-tears soap, water and some sugar. I also have some Sudecon wipes "just in case" and have read the directions beforehand.

I think OC is a great tool because it doesn't do permanent damage and can be used at a distance. My main intention in having it is to use it like a skunk... as in spray if necessary and then flee.

great posts,

cheers for inert units

So "tetsubishi" would be "iron distractions" such as caltrops? I've heard the term before and know the prefix tetsu-...

When considering the OC Spray Inert Units keep in
mind that there are chemical based units and
water based units. The chemical based are still
inert but may have some effect on mucous
membranes and duty gear/uniforms.


once again, thanks for the great info guys.

Hello All,

Another thing to consider before deploying OC spray is the possibility worsening your situation. Wind direction, and if have physical contact with your target (such as LEO's) you can easily hose / contaminate yourself.

Also OC, more often than not dosnt have the immediate effect of stopping your target, however it will eventually work in all cases. The desired effect is to catch your target when they inhale, this tends to drop em to thier knees.

OC foam works well also , the target tends to automatically wipe thier face when they are hit with foam which drive it into the eyes and nasal openings, and lips.

Idealy OC sparay should be sprayed in a upward movement throat to forehead.

All The Best,

"The desired effect is to catch your target when they inhale, this tends to drop em to thier knees." - Most be a difference in our trainers, because I was taught to catch them when they are looking. When they are breathing had no impact on when we sprayed someone.

"Idealy OC sparay should be sprayed in a upward movement throat to forehead." - Again, different from us. For us, it is ideal to spray horizontally along the brow line in order to increase the volume of OC that is being directed at the eyes. To me it seems that a vertical spray pattern may not work too well and leave only a narrow spray pattern in a relatively "non incapacitating" area (nose, lips, mouth).

Once again, may just be the difference in trainers and their expereinces.

Hello TKDfighter,

Training techniques always change LOL When I was sent to be trained by Def-Tec in about 82' OC was touted as the end all 100% knock-down non fatal product yada yada. And the carrier agent was alcohol based

In my years before that CS was the name of the game.

What I do know with the "zippering movement" Throat up(which includes the eyes and as with all sprays it is a splattering effect) is very effective and ideal in my experience. I also know from first hand experience that when you inhale OC in you give up quickly.

Let me support this a bit, When you are transporting a sprayed prisoner to County lock-up do you leave your windows up? Or are they down (even in winter with the heater off lol)

All The Best
Steel Talon

I always keep my windows down to cut down on the lingering funk smell, so it has never been an issue.

Also, I've had OC in my mouth and found, while not the most pleasureable thing, it didnt put me out. I will state that I've yet to have been OCed in the nose though. Now CS is a different story. :)

Demi, Have you worked with Freeze+p? What do you think of it compared to OC?

My understanding of Freeze+p is that it is an oc/cs
mix. This is inherently less effective.

One burns(oc) and one irritates(cs). Since irritation
is less effective than burning the cs will serve to
dilute the oc effectiveness and reduce some of the
effects to irritatating.

I prefer one that just burns.


I can attest to the fact that Phase IV brand OC spray is the hottest thing I have come accross yet. It states two million SHU's and every last one of them is a mofo. Just ask the drunk that tried to piss on me through the bars of the holding cell. There is more than one "primary target" when spraying someone with OC.

"There is more than one "primary target" when spraying someone with OC."


Those looking for inert trainers should try V-4 trainers they are inert, with no chemicals, or alcohol. The company just sent me a sample I will be trying it out and will let you guys know how it is.