Fighting wrestler...

It seems that without a gi on against most fighters, the wrestler may be at an advantadge. Most of the favorite combat arts use an upright stance. IE: judo, boxing, Muay Thai. It seems that this would leave them open for a wrestler's low shoot. The only defense is a sprawl, but that taked you out of your intended game.

For Judo, you want to clinch but most wrestlers stay real low - hard to get an underhook/clinch on them.

For Boxing, the stance is upright. Coming in with punches to the head will leave your lower body open for a shoot.

Kickboxing/Muay Thai the same. And if he is low, a leg kick is easier to grab.

I have never wrestled, but am considering (if I ever have the time) to at least take a few classes at the local junior college.

What is your opinion on this? Anyone without wrestling background ever fight a wrestler and able to get the takedown? In class, sometimes a good wrestler will get the single on me and sometimes I will block it - but I'm specifically ready for it because I know the guy is a wrestler so I already expect the low shoot. What is your opinion/experiences on this subject?


When fighting no-gi, what I'll do is come in with a low standard wrestling stance, tie up, then raise up into the standard judo stance, keeping my overhooks or underhooks. Keep in mind that I'm a noobie, though. I wrestled in h.s. for a little while, long enough to get the stance correct maybe, but i find that stance does help keep opponents from shooting in for their takedowns long enough to let me tie up. I would recommend taking as many wrestling classes as you can, if only to learn how to more effectively grapple against various opponents with your main judo style. Greco has some nasty takedowns you could always add to your judo btw.

grambo, that sounds good but if I went with a real low stance how would I be able to kick/punch from that stance? I might be vulnerable also to being hit I think...

My fault. I thought you were asking for advice for grappling only. I forget sometimes that some people do use their fists:)

One thing to remember that people often forget. A wrestler's low stance is also off-set leading with their hands forward. If you can establish good wrist control, you can more easily work into a proper tie up situation. It's really similar to having a dominant sleeve grip in Judo, you can really dictate the flow of the action by forcing them to react to your gripping.

Get grip control (I like the Russian 2 on 1 for movement purposes) and work on breaking that strong stance he has with movement. You do the same damn thing in wrestling, but the finishing techniques you're trying to pull off are different (shots v/s hip or shoulder throws).

Russian two on one - thats just both hands grabbing the guy's wrist correct?

It seems that this would leave them open for a wrestler's low shoot. The only defense is a sprawl, but that taked you out of your intended game.shoot without setting it up with punches? = eat my knees
1-2 combo down the pike
sprawl into a front headlock where I'll continue kneeing you into dreamland,
moving to a more dominant clinch,
snapdown & hammerfisting the back of your skull..
do I need to go on?

lol at bic!! he states what i was thinking...

as for your question michael, the question is how good is your grappling abilities vs how well trained is your opponent?

bic pointed out several attacks that could be used, i would like to add sumi gaeshi, ude garame roll into mount..really, it depends on the above two points i stated...

the key with fighting a wrestler (speaking as one of course) with low shots is to then wrestle in that if he has an inside leg, you would then crunch into a ball, hold onto his chest/back on top and start working a sankakyu jime hold...if he is on an outside leg shot, you have options to turn out from it and face, or chin pick/whizzer combination to get mount..

ground wrestling experience will help you become familiar with these situations and help your attacks..

still, the award of merit goes to bull...

You are going to have time to throw a 1-2 combo down the pike & THEN sprawl into a front headlock?


funky. there were "either or" options not "and" .

Oh, I see. You listed options.

Still, I don't think I have ever seen a good shot stopped with punches.