i am watching Muay thai super league right now and tommorow will get Frank Vs Renzo for free and live!

Any fellow canadian hyped for tommorow free fight?

I sure am all for like 2$ a month !!!!

Unfortuantely I have to pay 5$ a month since Bell will only package the Fight Network along with the soccer and fishing channels, but even so it is definately worth the 5 bucks.



Damn, how come we can't get Fight Network in the states

something to do with IQ


Man--it was killing me knowing that TFN was available across most of Canada but taking its sweet time to come to BC. Now that we have it, I think I've changed the channel maybe five times in the past month to watch other stuff. I'm sure that it will be in the USA soon.

As was said before--BEST CHANNEL EVER.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone.

The Fight Network is growing leaps and bounds trying to keep up with all the combat sports, including, of course, MMA.

here's to a great year of viewing for everyone.


When is this channel coming to the states???

I hear nothing but good things about the channel and wish I could have it. I sent a request to my cable company via your website, they never responded.

Do you have live streaming through the web?


its definately a very good channel

im watching K1 Gp right now on TFN

ttt for answers

I was questioning how good the channel is a couple weeks ago but my free preview ran out 2 days ago and I didnt know what to do with myself, I felt so lost. Called and had it thrown back on this morning. I agree though, ditch the pro wrestling.

Welp, looks like I'll be moving to Canada

to the states

It's coming to the States. I don't know when, but they're working on it.

Thanks for the support.

It carries all sorts of combat events and those that LOOK like combat events!

I could do without the Memphis Wrestling, but I can't get enough of Ring of Honor and NOAH Pro Wrestling! Not to mention Amber Lady Honey Wrestling, whose commentator is better than Rogan, Bas and Mauro combined (I think he's Borat's brother or something...).

lol @ Borat's brother.

The Fight Network is coming to the States...hang tight!