Fightnews top 10=correct

I agree with their top ten except Sanders who retired today.

1. Vitali Klitschko (Easily the best right now)

2. Lamon Brewster (Man is this division bad)

3. Mike Tyson (The old rapist still has power)

4. Chris Byrd (Golotta beat him, but he can box)

5. Corrie Sanders (officially retired today)

6. John Ruiz (Fucking horrible)

7. Andrew Golota (Can fight well when not hurt/tired)

8. David Tua (Power, little else)

9. James Toney (Blown-up, torn achilles, great skills)

10. Wladimir Klitschko (Don't count him totally out)

Yeah, Brewster 2. You could put anyone at 2 and I refuse to put Byrd there after he fought to a draw IMO with Fres, and Golotta beat him IMO.

Brewster sucks and sucks bad. He was beaten by Ettiene who was beaten by Tyson easily.

We got a very average champ in Vitali and then a bunch of B - C level top 10 contenders.

HAahahahahha Fightnews has crap ratings and when the Ring releases theirs I expect it to be equally as bad.

John Ruiz is #1 or #2. Sad to say but no one has his resume.

Vitali is #1 or #2. Mostly based on hype and his natural advantages.

The fact that they still rate Tyson is a joke. The fact that they rate him at #3 is just a sad joke.

Corrie Sanders, Lamon Brewster, and Wlad Klit can easily be shuffled off that list or placed 8,9,10.

Joe Mesi and Monte Barrett deserve a spot (as sad as that sounds).

In short that list is crap.

regardless on howe he won them ruiz has the best resume

"For losing to LHW last year?"

Yeah that Light Heavy was Roy Jones. Not your average light heavy. If Roy was continuing to fight as a Heavy I'd have him #1 based on his previous resume and flat and potential to beat anyone in the division.

If Toney hadn't gotten injured I'd have him up there as well.

I don't them there right now becuase they're not fighting there but still the fact is that both of them would be top 5 easy.

"Ruiz never fought a linear champ"

I fail to see the point of that comment. Do we rank every person still active that has fought a linear champ? Jameel McGline #1 for win over SHannon BRiggs!!!!

Klitschko started off well against Lewis and then his face got tossed through a shredder. Vitali couldn't beat Lewis on his worst day, I fail to see how that helps in ranking him at all.

lol, lewis had nothing in the tank after 2 rounds and lewis was still hammering him, and vitali couldnt do anything, vitalis last 3 oponents ahev been seriously out of shape,he was prepering for someone else but hje was still in shape to go 12 rounds,

lewis wassnt preparing for him ether,at least rhaman did his job when lewis came in out of shape, vitali is very overated

you have to have Vitali at #1. I refuse to put Ruiz in the top 5. IMO, Toney is unproven at HW so he shouldn't be in the top 5 either

Tyson, Byrd, Golatta, Tua, and maybe Rahman are all still in the top 10, unfortunately. I wouldn't put Brewster in there til he beats another decent fighter

i can't believe you would have Tua at #3. If you're talking skill level Ruiz shouldn't even be on there

1. Vitali Klitschko

2. Byrd

3. Toney

4. Ruiz

5. Tua

6. Golota

7. Brewster

8. Oquendo

9. JC Gomez

10. Wlad Klitschko

I consider Tyson and Sanders retired.

Tyson isn't retired. Apparently Sanders is.

Samuel Peter sucks man. Very one dimensional and plodding. I mean he can punch like a mule but thats about it.

And I disagree with anyone who ranks Tyson in the top 10.

I don't think after one HW fight Toney really belongs on there. Maybe i'm wrong. I definately wouldn't put Brewster on there. If you're going to put Byrd on there, then you have to put Oquendo and Golatta, cause they both beat him

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"That's the WORST Top 10 ever".

Hello pot, this is kettle.

"Not nearly correct. Brewster and Golota do not deserve to jump from out of the top 25 to the top 10 based on 1 fight."

Brewster beat a Top 10 fighter in Wlad Klitchko, and Golota drew with a Top 5 fighter in Byrd. One fight, but more than what Mesi or Peter has ever done.

How is your list any better than mine? We include the same fighters except for the erroneous inclusion of Tyson, Mesi and Peter in your list. Tyson will NEVER fight a real boxer again. Peter only has a handful of fights and hasn't beat anybody in the Top 25. Mesi is practically retired and doesn't belong in the Top 10 because of near-misses against a cruiserweight and Monte Barret.

And don't get me started on Rahman. I often wonder if he can actually go a year without losing a fight.

iron joe i recall lewis weighing like 256 for the rahman fight, thats not lewis in shape ,his mouth was open after a couple of rounds, klitsko had a deadman in front of him and he couldnt do shit

I believe it is too early to rank Samuel Peter that high. He does look stiff like Vitali.

Juan Carlos Gomez has potential, but I need to see more of him to rank him.

Brewster hits a lot harder than Toney, so that's not neccesarily true.

No need to bring Luis Santana into this gator.

you can't say Rahman is a nobody when he beat Tua, Sanders, and Lennox. Don't be silly please. I don't particularly like Rahman, but if you've got Tua and Sanders in the top 10, the he HAS to be

If you're going to leave Sanders and Tua out, then leave Rahman out too. But I don't know who you're going to have in there in that case, cause Mesi and Brewster don't belong in there at all either. And if you aren't going to put Mesi in there, you can't put Monte in there either