FightPass: Amazing Customer service. ???

FightPass chat during 3rd round of Manny Lentz. My feed was unwatchable:

You are now chatting with Aric C. - UFC
16:57Aric C.: Greetings, there are some intermittent issues caused by the satellite feed and those are being working on. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.
16:57--me--: Great. I'm paying for this.
16:58Aric C.: We apologize for the issues. If you would like to cancel your Fight Pass subscription and get a full refund on the last charge due to this I am happy to do that for you
16:59--me--: Great solution! I'm sure everyone would be happy to hear this is how problems are solved.
17:00Aric C.: Well, there is nothing we can do to fix what occured
17:00Aric C.: issue will occur and that is the nature of steaming
17:00--me--: Amazing!
17:00Aric C.: I apologized and let you know we are working on that but that was not satisfactory for you
17:00Aric C.: Then I offered a refund for your purchase
17:00Aric C.: I am not sure what else you would like \
17:01--me--: I'd like for you to deliver what people pay for. Not "oh well, tough luck!"
17:02Aric C.: So would we but issues arise as that is the nature of streaming
17:02Aric C.: I am not sure what else you would like for me to do other than what I have done
17:02Aric C.: apologize and offer a refund if that is what you want
17:03Aric C.: If there is some other solution you have in mind, other than fixing the fight cause that cannot be done immediately, just let me know
17:06--me--: I guess it's unreasonable to ask for what I'm paying. Sorry to bother you.

Dana himself must train these guys. "Oh, service doesn't work? Fuck you goof!" Apparently streaming sucks and if it doesn't work too fucking bad. Nice to know.

Just out of curiosity what exactly did you want? did you think there was a magic switch that would fix it?

It was same for me btw. Went from great to unwatchable Phone Post 3.0

Wow, what a dick you are OP. Phone Post 3.0

I think the guy handled it pretty well Phone Post 3.0

Aric was banging out your old lady while he handled your CS. Phone Post 3.0

Those guys get paid no money and have no power to do anything. Such a shit job having to deal with customers. Phone Post 3.0

I don't understand what you wanted Aric to say. I thought he did really well. Phone Post 3.0

What a faggity ass OP... shitting all over some customer rep dude who is in no position to fix a tech issue.

You're a dick, congrats buddy. Phone Post 3.0

You should have asked him for ketchup AND gravy Phone Post 3.0

Tom Lawlor - I think the guy handled it pretty well Phone Post 3.0
Why don't you just tell me what movie you'd like to see? Phone Post 3.0

AlchemyIronworks - Aric was banging out your old lady while he handled your CS. Phone Post 3.0
Aric is really Robbie. Phone Post 3.0

That actually was good customer service. No matter what the guy said, you didn't care bc you wanted to try to sound like a badass and then post it on the UG.

Huge backfire. Phone Post 3.0

This thread kind of backfired... Phone Post 3.0

OP is a douche. What did he want the guy to do? He acknowledged the issue, apologized, and even offered a full refund.

Your $10/month doesn't entitle you to treat people like shit Phone Post 3.0

sublime13 - This thread kind of backfired... Phone Post 3.0


if the satellite causes your cable to go out, do you bitch about it to NBC??

THIS will be the biggest backfire thread of ALL TIME!

The dude handled the best he possibly could.

That's was quite cunty of you.. Phone Post 3.0

OP needs NewMood 5-HTP Phone Post 3.0