fights at 4 Bears Casino May 10

 check it out at


Looking for a replacement for Ethan Boyle at 205 he blew out his knee.


 TTT for that Jay White guy

 Hey Justin, does Jay fit into Combat sports large glove? If not can we get some throwdown gloves for the main event? email me with price if you have time.


Is Marshall and Sheldon Martin Fighting?

 sheldon is fighting Butch Hajicek, marshall dropped off because of his fight against Kyle Jensen April 26th.

 go hear to see matchups

Its says Zak Jensen is from MMAA and I have no idea who he is.

 Zak is from Team Bison, has been training with Tuchscherer over at MMAA and I made a mistake. Will be fixed when I update the poster with new co main vs Brilz.

I wasn't really upset about it. I was just confused as to whether the guy was at MMAA and I didn't know it or whether he was claiming to train at our gym and didn't.

ttt for Jay White!!

TTT for this show!

I'll definately be there. Are tickets on sale yet?

 yes tickets are on sale, call 1-800-294-5454 ext 7624



ttt and they'll have a new cage for the event as well.

congrats on the new cage! Im sure its a good one.