Fights in Memphis, TN Sat, March 2

Kickboxing and MMA Saturday, March 26 in Memphis, TN at the New Daisy Theater on Beale St. We need fighters in all rule styles and weight divisions. Call Jeff Mullen at (901)406-2460 or e-mail



Pro's??? call me please
Joseph Cavallaro & Associates
The Sports Management Company
Telephone: 617-794-0516

T x 3 = TTT

I see the thread title says March 2 I guess i used to many letters in the title. The date is Saturday March 26.

I am making a new thread since this one has the date split in two.

I am excited to bring my guys down for the first time!


The fights have been moved to Friday April 1. The New Daisy bumped us for Saliva. (the band not body fluid)

If you are looking for pros I, as well as some of my teammates would be interested. I've always wanted to visit the sun shine state. E-mail Pat O'Malley at

Nick "the goat" Thompson

yeah, memphis is the derrrrrty souf and a state all its own.