Fights in Valdosta- Time, cost,etc

wondering what day/time the fights in Valdosta GA are, whether I should get tickets beforehand or expect to pay at the door, where to get tickets if you need to get them and how much, general directions to the place once you get to Valdosta coming in from Savannah, etc. etc.

basically, this can be a thread for people going to or fighting at the fights.....


Advance tickets:  If you were going to purchase tickets ahead of time, you would need to do so in person at Valdosta Martial Arts Center.  We do not have ticketmaster for this event.

Spectator schedule:  I would recommend that spectators arrive at the event on Saturday, March 6th, around 6 PM.  At the last event we had, a good number of potential spectators arrived later and did not come in the building because it was so packed.  Fights are planned to start at 7 PM.

Tickets prices:

$5 for day tournament general admission

$17 for general admission

$20 for general admission all day pass - includes spectating at day tournament

$50 for VIP

Ticket definitions - General admission is bleacher seating only.  VIP is preferred seating ringside in chairs with some table availability for groups.  VIP tickets include 2 drinks - either beer or soft drinks.  HOOTER'S girls will serve VIP ticket holders their complimentary drinks and take orders after that.

Open day tournament:  We are having a day tournament that caters to the prospective mma fighter and pro alike.  We have light contact kickboxing/sparring and submission divisions for novice and advanced people.  Kids divisions include grappling.  We will have kata and weapons for the TMA folks, also.  This event begins at 9 AM and only costs $30 to compete in all divisions.

Fighter schedule:  1st weigh-in - Friday, March 5th - 6 to 8 PM - at venue, 2nd weigh-in - Saturday, March 6th - 1 PM - at venue, Fighters required to be at venue - 4:30 PM, Rules Meeting - 5 PM.

More information:  See Throwdown link above or email - evening fights, - tournament, or for general info, me at

i'll be there


Any word on how many competitors you guys are bringing for the day tournament?

TTT See you guys their. Z Dawg Blair

Richard send me the addy for the venue and the hotel.
Thanks,,,,Z Dawg Blair

Venue is on East Hill Avenue. Ask for the fairgrounds. The hotel is Holiday Inn at exit 18 on I-75.

james, I don't know for sure. I think 4 adults and some kids, but I have no idea how many kids.


Great, Jason. Give me a call, I have some info to share.

Please introduce yourself.

hells yeah ill see you guys there, ill be the one in the ring who is rockin your socks off


A bottle would be permissible. I was just told that the venue owners won't let us sell beer this year.

Easy come, easy go.


You could have worse company. hahaha