Fights no one talks about..

There are alot of great fights that we've all seen that no one talks about. List some great, exciting fights that are some of your favorites and why? I really like the fight between Vladdy and Yuki Kondo at UFC 32. Great fight, every round started off with Kondo and his flying knee!I loved it when Vladdy caught him and then slammed him on the ground. Oh yeah, can't forget the flying kick either, that looked painful!

Gomi and Penn's match... it was incredible.

Also, Hughes and Sherk... what a great display of two American wrestlers at the top of their game, giving it their all. I watch that fight fondly.

I agree, Hughs and Sherk was a great fight. I give mad props to Sherk for his incredible heart

OMG,Vladdy and Kondo was so boring.Who'd have thought that Kondo could even be in a boring fight

A great fight that noone talks about is Bas/Funaki

where did you guys get to see gomi v penn

i cant find it anywhere

Vladdy vs. Kondo was a great fight! I thought, just like many others, that it was a great fight

"where did you guys get to see gomi v penn"

I have it at home on my puter.

Hermes Franca vs Rich CrunkiltonMatt Serra vs Kelly DullantyDaijiro Matsui vs Murilo "Ninja" Rua

serra vs shonie

ko by spinning back fist with 9 sec left, but the whole fight was non-stop submission attempts by serra

that spinnig back fist was un intentional...nothing good

Enson vs. Frank

Couture vs. Horn

Carlos Newton vs. Pele

On a side not. If Kondo couldnt beat Vladdy, what makes everyone think he can beat Silva?

"On a side not. If Kondo couldnt beat Vladdy, what makes everyone think he can beat Silva?"

Because Vladdy is not Silva. The triangle theory doesn't work. Sakuraba tooled Belfort who, in turn, beat Silva's head like a drum... Sakuraba should own Silva, no?

As much as I hate to fucking see the term, styles make fights. Kondo has the right set of skills to put dents in Silva's skull.

all of semenov's ufc fights

Mike Tyson VS Francois Botha

Vernon White vs Sakuraba in one of the early Prides. Best fight I've seen Vernon fight. He really gave Sakuraba a good challenge and showed some great defensive grappling skill against Sakuraba at the tops of his game - shame he never really displayed the same strengths again (that I've seen IMO).

i agree with JCryan with the Hermes Franca vs Rich Crunkilton fight

Toida x Ikeda

Ikeda x Uchu 2

Toida x Baret

Gomi x Kuwabara

Kikuta x Minowa

Mikami x Osawa

Nathan Marquardt x Kunioku 4.

more to the oint, where did you obtain it from?

was it on dvd or did you obtain it my other methods

I've seen every fight mentioned thus far except the ones Gunjin Ex mentions - I don't have those tapes! Here's a few to add to the mix:

Ken Shamrock - Matt Hume (Pancrase '94)

Cheyanne Padekin's fist two fights (old Superbrawl)

J.R. Palmer - Maurice Corty (classic headstomp)

J.R. Palmer - Danny "Boy" Bennett (brutal KO)

Becki Levi - Marloes Cohen (flying armbar ends Becky's career)

Dan Severn - Conan (in 2000, the ancient Dan Severn dominates the big Brazilian)