Fights that history wouldn't let happen

I'll go first

Couture Vs Fedor- was so close to happening

Shogun Vs Wand- in the 2005 pride Gp

DFW vs Tito

Fedor vs. everybody

Caesar vs Napoleon

Royce vs. Kerr

Who was it that Hojak ducked?

Can't believe to this do those fights never occurred they're and were the most logical fights... Phone Post

MoFiasco vs. dyslexia

 Rickson vs. anyone

Khan vs. Alexander.

forrestfan - MoFiasco vs. dyslexia


eliwoo - Khan vs. Alexander.

Khan vs. Picard...

Marco Ruas VS. Frye UFC 9
Ken Shamrock VS Tank 2nd Ultimate Ultimate

F. Shamrock VS. Rutten
F. Shamrock VS. Belfort

Coleman was supposed to be in the second Ultimate Ultimate in Frye's bracket. He would have made it to the finals VS. Tank.

 Come on Alex...Frank fought Bas 3 times.

Wanderlei vs Bas Rutten Phone Post

eliwoo - 
eliwoo - Khan vs. Alexander.

Khan vs. Picard...


Chuck/Wanderlei when they were both still killers.

 Franklin vs Asghar.

Helen Keller vs. Ann Frank...